At home worldwide

The congregations of the New Apostolic Church worldwide are full of life. Photographers have captured some memorable moments on camera.

Children, church, creativity

Our youngest members play a big role in our congregations. Following are two examples from South Africa and Germany that serve to illustrate this. In preparation for the Chief Apostle’s visit to Cape Town at the end of the year, the children from the Hopetown congregation demonstrated their artistic skills and created art works of our motto “Joy in Christ”. The children of the Magdeburg-Neustadt congregation prepared their church for Thanksgiving and then had a slumber party in the church. For more on these activities, click through our picture gallery.

District Apostles swarm out

When the Church’s highest decision-making body meets, congregations in the vicinity usually benefit. Just recently during the District Apostles’ conference in Johannesburg in South Africa this was the case again. The District Apostles were sent out to conduct the midweek service in various congregations in the area. Our picture gallery shows some of the scenes captured by photographers.

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