In the picture, in more ways than one

Giving the Church a face, following divine services on television, making children with special needs feel welcome, and celebrating an apostolic anniversary … Four items of good news in this week’s review.

Models, make-up artist, and photographers work together

Make-up sessions, smiles, and photo sessions … For a whole weekend about fifty members of the Church worked together with a team of photographers to shoot the 2018 poster series that is used by the European District Churches. The shooting took place at four different church locations in Germany. Of the 120 people who had applied as models, about 50 younger and older members were selected. Last weekend then they flashed smiles as the cameras clicked away—inside the church, outside the church, or with our emblem in the background. The photos will be complemented with authentic I-statements to match the motto which the Chief Apostle issues every year. “The photographs of the sequence that are not being used will be added to our photo library from which we draw for other campaigns,” the project manager said.

The Church president visits members in Zambia and Kenya

Four divine services, a concert, and numerous meetings—all in a span of eight days. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider’s agenda on his trip to southern and eastern Africa was packed. In Zambezi and Mansa (Zambia) and in Thika and Homabay (Kenya) the Chief Apostle celebrated divine services with hundreds of thousands of brothers and sisters and had meetings with the local Apostles and Bishops.

The divine service in Zambezi was broadcast on television and radio nationwide by ZNBC TV1 and radio 2. This way, some 9,000 congregations in Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe were able to watch a transmission. Thousands of believers also attended the other divine services—either directly or by transmission.

Autism: teachers trained in South America

“We cannot love what we do not know.” This was the motto of a workshop offered in Argentina last week. Educators, teachers, and psychologists were provided with tools so that they can work with children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.

Specialists gave a wide range of tips and background knowledge on how to bond with such children and make them feel comfortable in a classroom environment and convey teaching content to them. The workshop in Buenos Aires was transmitted via Internet to other congregations as well so that about fifty teachers were able to participate and benefit.

Milestone birthday

It was a milestone for the Apostle ministry of the new order: 182 years ago today, the Catholic Apostolic congregations in London “separated” their Apostles, meaning that they were released from their duties in the congregations so that they could fulfil their special tasks. This “separation” was the second of three steps in the reoccupation of the Apostle ministry. It was preceded by prophetic callings and was followed by the Apostles being sent forth.

From a historical point of view, this anniversary also commemorates the completion of the number twelve, that is twelve Apostles—an idea that the New Apostolic Church does not share with its Catholic Apostolic predecessor. Both agree, however, that the common activity of the Apostles is indispensable for the preparation of the bride of the Lord. devoted a detailed retrospective to the events of 14 July 1835 on the occasion of the 150th anniversary. .

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