Collecting water donations for Day Zero

South Africa is experiencing its worst drought in one hundred years. Currently, reservoirs are at only 17 per cent of their capacity. Day Zero is predicted for April. Water donations are beginning now already.

South Africa: Western Cape Province is running dry

Day Zero is the name the municipal government in Cape Town (South Africa) has given the day it may have to turn off all the taps in the city. Only hospitals, other critical services, and the poorest informal communities will be exempted. If this happens, all others will have to get their water from one of the 200 municipal collection points that will be set up in the city. A rationing plan has been set up and provides for 25 litres of water a day per person.

The wells, dams, and underground water reservoirs in Cape Town and its surroundings are virtually empty. Already on 1 February, residents will face strict water restrictions of 50 litres per day. Those who ignore it will face hefty fines. A water map has been published on the City of Cape Town’s website.

District Apostle John L. Kriel who is responsible for the New Apostolic Church Southern Africa is very concerned. Already weeks ago he spoke with Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider and asked him for his prayers in this crisis. In mid February the Chief Apostle will celebrate the Day of the Youth in Cape Town—something that was planned years ago already. That means he will be in Cape Town and with the people in the midst of this crisis.

The Church is in close cooperation with Water Shortage South Africa, a civic organisation whose aim is to collect water for distribution to old age homes and institutions for the disabled in case of an emergency. District Apostle Kriel would like to assist the organisation in this and has asked his brothers and sisters in all congregations across South Africa to collect sealed five-litre bottles of water. “Let us not forget to ask the Lord to send the rain that our country needs so desperately,” the letter ends.

Philippines: Bishop Juanito Bacane retires

Juanito Bacane, who was ordained as a Bishop in 1999, served as a minister in the Church for a thirty years. He retired in a divine service on 21 January 2018, conducted by District Apostle Urs Hebeisen in Bais (Negros Oriental). Over 800 members attended and the District Apostle extended the Chief Apostle’s greetings to the Bishop. District Apostle Hebeisen expressed his personal thanks: “Your burden will be lighter, but in your capacity as a Bishop, please continue to pray and help souls in need and bring comfort, and be a good example to the younger generation.”

Europe: Change in working group IFM

The name of the working group, which was appointed by the Chief Apostle, is “Instruction for Ministers (WG IFM)”. Apostle Martin Schnaufer from the District Church Southern Germany has succeeded Bishop Georg Kaltschmitt, who left the group upon his retirement. Bishop Kaltschmitt has been a member of the group since it was established in January 2011. District Apostle Rainer Storck gave Bishop Kaltschmitt an official farewell on behalf of the Coordination Group. With sincerest wishes from the Chief Apostle, he thanked the Bishop for his many years of committed and professional work. The District Apostle went on to welcome Apostle Martin Schnaufer from Southern Germany as the new member.

The group develops training modules for ministers in Germany. Current members are the Apostles Philipp Burren (chairman) and Martin Schnaufer, as well as the Bishops Manfred Bruns and Ralph Wittich.

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Peter Johanning