New year, new ideas – How 2019 started around the world

Cancelled services because of heavy snowfall, Sunday School with recorder and trombone ensembles, and an annual programme of learning and praying. These are some of the different ways New Apostolic congregations across the world launched into the new year.

Heavy snowfall cancels divine services

After massive snowfall in the south of Germany, the authorities in southern Bavaria have called out a state of emergency. Public life has practically come to a standstill, which also affects our congregations of course. On 9 January the first divine services had to be cancelled. In the meantime, at least six congregations are affected. Either the church buildings are no longer accessible or the heavy snow is posing a risk to the roofing structure. The Church office is supporting the rectors in assessing the risk and helping them in finding ways of removing the snow.

Year of the Child 2019 launched with recorder sounds

The children in South Africa launched into a very special year with their own divine service on 13 January: the New Apostolic Church Southern Africa has proclaimed 2019 as the Year of the Child. The focus will be on early musical education. In the Sunday School services held in East London and Durbanville, for example, the children played their recorders during service. But not only the young generation started the year on a musical note. Also the ministers did, thereby following the example of the Apostles and Bishops in Pretoria. But instead of recorders, the ministers in Eersterust North played their trombones.

Apostles commence year with annual convention

The implementation of our concept of ministry and the International Youth Convention were topics that were discussed at the annual convention of Apostles and national rectors from 12 to 14 January in South-East Asia. On the Sunday morning the ministers and their wives attended a divine service held by District Apostle Edy Isnugroho in Depok (Indonesia). In the afternoon the Apostles were deployed to various congregations in the region.

Church calendar: a year of prayer

The New Apostolic Church in India has made “Prayer” the theme of its annual calendar. “Why do we pray?” “How do we pray?” are only some of the topics. These questions are answered on the first two calendar leaves. Later in the year, prayers for the departed and the prayer for peace are on the calendar. In addition to this, there is a motto for every single day including a corresponding Bible verse.

Full training programme

The New Apostolic Church Switzerland offers more than 50 courses in its 2019 advanced training programme. Most of the courses are in the field of music and range from “Relaxed Conducting” to “Intensive Organ Course”. But the Church also has ministers, teachers, and other functionaries in mind and offers Bible study courses, introductory seminars for Deacons, Priests, and rectors, advanced courses for teachers, and conferences for leaders of discussion groups. The topic of partnership is also addressed—both from the perspective of the ministers and the couples themselves.