Spotlight 18/2021: We are a future-oriented people

Seasons change life cycles in nature. And also in our own everyday life we experience changing phases of cold and warm, darkness and light. How good it is that Jesus Christ accompanies us on our way. Thoughts from District Apostle Helper Frank Dzur (Canada).

In Canada, we have entered into our fall season. The leaves are turning brilliant colours and soon will fall to the ground, the temperatures are moderating and nature is preparing for the winter which will soon come. We enjoy this time of year; however, we also look forward to the next season to arrive. With each season opportunities present themselves and new experiences are to be made. Wind, heat, cold, rain or snow contributes to the earth and thus provides for humankind.

Our lives also have seasons and to everything is a season. We experience times of great joy and other days of sorrow. Difficult and challenging times as well. Many are experiencing such days in the midst of the COVID pandemic. However, these many seasons in our life also contribute to our future completion. “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose” (Romans 8: 28).

Our triune God prepares us to share in His glory and have eternal fellowship with Him in His kingdom. That is our future… “Christ our future.” We are a future-oriented people. Although we are in the world and have to deal with everyday situations, we look to the goal of our faith. Let us not get stuck in the past or even in the present-day turmoil which seeks to sweep away our faith, our hope, and our love for our God. Let us remain firmly focused on our future and seek our fellowship with our triune God and the congregation in the divine services. It is our faith that propels us forward towards our goal.

Christ does not wait for us to get there, no, He accompanies us today. He walks with us, speaks to us and provides for us. He is the one that secures our future with Him. I wish you great joy and peace as we continually move forward to our “Future with Christ”.

Photo: NAC Western Pacific

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Frank Dzur
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