In the heart of Africa

The topics presented by cover a wide range of technical, administrative, and even personal topics. This week we take you to Africa to bring you up to speed on the developments there.

The NAC in Guinea has launched its own website

The New Apostolic Church Guinea has just launched its own website. The French-speaking site can be found at It features general information about the New Apostolic Church, including an online congregational search, as well as information and articles on current events. The website also features the history of the still young New Apostolic Church in Guinea.

The link directory on has been updated accordingly. At the bottom of the page, readers find links to websites of New Apostolic District Churches and aid organisations.

Timapita ku Zambia

“We are going to Zambia!” is the title of a recent article on NAK-karitativ, the aid organisation of the New Apostolic Churches in Germany. “Also this year, NAK-karitativ is sending two young adults to do volunteer work.” Helen and Silvan from Germany will be heading to Zambia in September. For twelve months they will volunteer with NACRO (New Apostolic Church Relief Organisation), the partner organisation of NAK-karitativ, and assist in the areas of education and agricultural development. Such a trip requires a great deal of personal commitment, the charity says.


The retired Apostle Théodore Tshiebue passed away on Friday, 26 July 2019. He was 71. For many decades he had served as a minister in the south-eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He was ordained as an Apostle on 2 December 1989 by Chief Apostle Fehr. In 2008 he went into retirement prematurely for health reasons. The funeral service was held by Apostle Mwemena on Sunday, 4 August in Ngandajika. Hundreds of brothers and sisters came to pay their last respects.

The retired Apostle Emmanuel N’Dondji passed away on Friday, 23 August 2019. He was 69. Apostle N’Dondji also worked in the south-eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He had been a minister for a total of 37 years, 15 of these as an Apostle. The funeral service was held by Apostle Antonie Katalayi this past Tuesday in Tshikapa.

“We gladly include the bereaved and all mourners in our sincere intercessions. May our heavenly Father grant them much comfort, strength, and confidence in these difficult hours of parting,” Chief Apostle Schneider wrote to the Apostles.

School construction during the holidays

“The last two weeks have been very productive and the team is well on the way to completing a large part of the extension of the Mackenzie Community School during the current school holidays,” re Charitable Ministry, the aid organisation of the New Apostolic Church USA, says. It also offers a five-minute video clip on its Facebook page, allowing anyone—no matter where they are—to see the school grounds and the progress of the construction.