nacmaps: update of the congregation search app

Are you looking for a congregation in a specific city or all the congregations near your current location? With nacmaps you have the information at your fingertips.

nacmaps provides the address and contact data of thousands of congregations worldwide. The app accesses the data of the international address list of the New Apostolic Church. In addition to street and place names, it also displays a lot of additional information such as wheelchair accessibility and satellite transmission, contact information, a link to the congregation’s website, and of course service times. Many congregations also provide pictures of the exterior and interior of their building.

Free of charge, ad-free, updated

Languages and news feeds can be selected individually in the app settings. nacmaps is of course ad-free. The app for iOS devices (App Store) and Android devices (Google Play Store) can be downloaded free of charge for use on both smartphones and tablets.

The apps of the New Apostolic Church are constantly being updated. The latest update supports all current smartphones and tablets. New display sizes and operating systems require regular adjustments. One innovation is known as dark mode, which allows the background to remain dark in contrast to the font, which is bright. This can serve to protect your eyes (in dark surroundings), as well as your charger, depending on the device. And as with every update, there were bug fixes and performance improvements.

Two top functions for everyday use

Nearest congregations: When you open the app, the nearest congregations pop up on the start page. In addition to addresses and service times, the distance (as the crow flies) is also shown.

Navigation: In addition to general information, a congregation entry also always allows you to navigate to the address. With a click on “Plan your route…” the installed navigation software on your mobile device will take you directly to the desired congregation.

Expansion of the worldwide address list

In collaboration with the national Church administrations, the worldwide address data will be updated within the next few weeks,. Church information from additional countries will be integrated and the overview will be finalised. If you have questions about the status of the update, contact:

The name

Since the official language of the global Church is English, the app series also has English titles. In each case, the prefix “nac” represents the acronym of the English designation “New Apostolic Church”. The second part of the title denotes the content of the respective app:

  • naccatechism, the long version of the Catechism
  • nacfaq, the Catechism in Questions and Answers
  • nacmaps, the global congregation search
  • nacnews, news from the District Churches around the world

Naturally, menu navigation and app content is multilingual and individually adjustable. Users can choose between English, French, German, and Spanish.

The iOS app for iPhones and iPads is available free of charge in the App Store.

You can find the Android app for Android smartphones and tablets free of charge in the Google Play Store.

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