community 4/2023: Trust in the gift of the Holy Spirit

Reliving the events surrounding the feast of Pentecost—that is the aim of the latest edition of community. The current issue focuses on this central divine service and the activities associated with it. And naturally there are all sorts of other interesting things to discover as well.

Pentecost is the overarching theme of the newest edition of community. The Pentecost divine service in Cape Town, South Africa covers a total of six pages. Power, love, and a sound mind are the watchwords from the divine service that Jean-Luc Schneider conducted in Tafelsig, the largest New Apostolic Church building of the world. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” It was with these words from 2 Timothy 1: 7 that Chief Apostle Schneider preached to the international congregation. Many brothers and sisters in many countries were linked in to this special divine service. The full sermon is available for readers to explore in the new edition of the community magazine.

News about Pentecost

Pentecost may have taken place some time ago, but the joy of its celebration can be felt anew, now that the current issue has been published. The events surrounding Pentecost come back to life in three articles under the caption “Global News”. What was the international District Apostle Meeting on Pentecost weekend all about? What decisions did the District Apostles and their Helpers make? How was the Pentecost celebration received in the congregations connected by transmission? By way of some examples from congregations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, readers gain insights into congregational life during this special celebration. Under the caption “A Pentecost that inspires the world” you can read about events and occurrences surrounding the Pentecost event. The Regional Church of South Africa once again impressed members around the globe with special musical performances.

Beyond Pentecost

As always, four pages of community are dedicated to our youngest brothers and sisters in faith. There is a lot to discover in the children's corner. The story of Jesus' ascension tells the story of Acts 1: 4–12 in a child-friendly way and is lovingly illustrated. And Ruth from Freetown, Sierra Leone talks about her home country, her family and congregation, and how she gets involved there.

The last part of the four-part teaching series from the Special Edition of the Divine Service Guide 03/2022 on the topic of “Ordination of Women” follows on two double pages. The intent of this section is to clear up any remaining organisational questions.

In many countries and languages

The community magazine has been published in three languages since 2015 by the New Apostolic Church International. Translations into other languages are coordinated by the Regional Churches. They also see to it that the 32-page booklet reaches their congregations and members either in print or digital format. You can find the digital editions for download here.

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