The church is expanding its media programme

Zurich. – that’s the name of the brand new news magazine which is going online at the start of 2015. With this magazine the New Apostolic Church International (NACI) is increasing its web presence, providing even more information. At the same time the church’s Apps will be updated, as will NACI’s official website,, in the spring of 2015.

The new magazine will include the issues of organisation, faith, society in general, panorama and history in its contents, as well as a wide-ranging media centre. will be produced in the English, German, French and Spanish languages.

Expansion of the existing media capability

The church has already been communicating its presence since April 1997 through its official website, From 2015, notices about ministerial activities will follow this online trend. The capacity of information is guaranteed to further increase with reports of church statements, doctrinal text and contents of the Catechism.

The social network of the church,, has been online since 2008. In this church-owned portal there are 40,000 members registered world-wide who have daily, multi-language contact with each other. With the start of 2015 this network will no longer have independent editorial contents. This task will be taken on by, which will make all its own publications available in their original form in nacworld. As Oliver Rütten, the project leader of, happily explained, “I am convinced that the diversity of information which will be produced in will be a good thing for the network”.

Clear structures, more contents

Furthermore, the church broadcasts its news via the social media of Facebook; twitter and youtube. will complement the already existing media sources with a news magazine. The new structure will clearly demarcate the boundaries of the media from each other and open the way for the publication of more information.

International correspondence network is the newest development of the “New Apostolic Church International Communication Service”. The editors of the NACI Communication Service are responsible for its future development and editorial content. Their work also includes access to the newly created international correspondence network, in which all the 19 District Apostle regions of the New Apostolic Church belong. The decentralised administered district churches are able to become organisationally closer-linked through the newly created media.


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