Media offer 2015: nacfaq is the Catechism app with 750 answers

The Catechism of the New Apostolic Church in Questions and Answers has just been published. The book can be used in class by students and teachers and is a good tool for self-study. Internet users will be delighted: the matching app is now available for download free of charge.

The nacfaq app runs the short and easy-to-understand texts of this new version of the Catechism and offers the user the entire reference work with all of the 750 questions and answers. With the nacfaq app you are never without the Catechism.

The app can be downloaded onto your mobile device and installed from the iTunes store on iOS devices or from the Google store on Android devices.

Despite its substantial content it weighs nothing

For many people life without smartphones and tablets has become unthinkable. They carry them in their pant or jacket pockets or have them on their desks, ready for various applications. The new Catechism app could not have arrived at a better time. It weighs nothing, needs next to no memory space, and the text appears at a click.

Scrolling or swiping makes for easy and comfortable reading—whether at home or on the road. Also included are the subject index and the index of Bible references.

Individual settings: language and font size

The app provides the Catechism in five languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. The language version as well as the font size can be switched at any time.

A quick and efficient search function

The central search function allows you to find random words or chapters in the Catechism, including the subject index and Bible reference index.

Read on, collect, and remember

The app allows users to set bookmarks and to organize personal favourites on a particular topic. The comfortable search function and the managing of your bookmarks is one of the strengths of the app, and an advantage over the book.

Like and share the Catechism

The app allows the Catechism texts to be shared with others either via email or social networking services such as facebook and Twitter. The Church’s own network,, will follow soon.

Apps by the Church for mobile devices

The nacfaq app expands the already existing media offer of the New Apostolic Church. In addition to the new Catechism in Questions and Answers, the New Apostolic Church also runs an app with the long version of the Catechism. It can be downloaded from the iTunes and Google stores.

In addition to this, the Church offers an app in the iTunes and Google stores that update news from around the New Apostolic world several times a day. This app was completely redeveloped a few weeks ago.

Photo: Cobe, Munich

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