A flying visit from the other side of the Atlantic

Friendships need to be cultivated, especially when they span the Atlantic. And this is why a Swiss national, a well-known figure, dropped in on the Youth Symphony Orchestra Argentina just a few days ago.

The rehearsal turned into an unexpected reunion. Because when their local District Apostle Enrique Minio came to the central church in Buenos Aires to have a listen-in, he brought his colleague, Jürg Zbinden, along. The Swiss national had flown across the Pond for the 2022 Pentecost Assembly.

Tuned into each other

Since 2018, the Youth Symphony Orchestras Argentina and Switzerland have been in very close contact. The Europeans were the first to come to South America to make music with the Argentinians and spend some free time with them. The highlight was the concert in the central church in Buenos Aires in October 2018 with an audience of about a thousand people, who were all thrilled.

The return visit of the Argentinians to Switzerland took place almost exactly one year later. For ten days, the young people played and rehearsed together. And this time, the international double orchestra gave two concerts.

Even during Covid, the young musicians on both sides of the Atlantic managed to stay in touch with each other. And on the spur of the moment, kind of, they even got together to give a virtual concert.

A sample of things to come

With all of this still fresh in their mind, the young people in Buenos Aires were thrilled when the Swiss District Apostle Zbinden visited their orchestra rehearsal. They played a piece just for him.

There was not the slightest sign of a lack of practice, however: “This is really concert level!” District Apostle Zbinden was amazed.

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Andreas Rother
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