When giving does great things

Children with autism, people with limited mobility, and refugees from Ukraine. These were the areas that NAK-Humanitas supported in 2022. The figures and the stories behind them can now be read in the charity’s recently published annual report.

“It is people like you, dear donors, who dedicate time, knowledge, experience, and financial resources in favour of other people, and support them and live Christian values,” Thomas Deubel, president of the foundation’s board of trustees, writes in the foreword.

War on one’s own continent is a shock

The charity received 45.2 per cent more donations than in the previous year. “The main reason,” according to the annual report, “is the increase in donations that have been allocated for a specific purpose by the donors. Benefitting in particular is Ukraine.” More than half a million Swiss francs were recorded for Ukraine. Donations were also made to the NAK-Humanitas day-care centre and children’s homes and for sponsorships for local children there. Such restricted donations totalled almost 665,000 Swiss francs.

Non-restricted donations totalled around 1.4 million Swiss francs. In addition, the charity also recorded inheritances totalling almost 96,000 Swiss francs.

Charitable and humanitarian aid

The foundation’s main focus is on charitable and humanitarian aid chiefly in Switzerland and in the countries served by the New Apostolic Church Switzerland. As a charitable organisation, NAK-Humanitas supports public and private projects and institutions such homes for the elderly, nursing homes, homes for the disabled, and care homes as well as drop-in and support centres for addicts. In the area of humanitarian aid, the foundation is involved in emergency and survival assistance in regions affected by war and disasters.

From the Arud Centre for Addiction to the Zwüschehalt Association

In 2022, NAK-Humanitas supported 44 projects in Switzerland totalling more than one million Swiss francs. Some of the projects are featured in the annual report.

There you can read about children with autism spectrum disorders who are being helped thanks to specially trained dogs. The dogs can help children in an emergency situation by calming them down, reducing stress, and comforting them. NAK-Humanitas supported this assistance dog programme of the Arthanis Foundation with 10,000 Swiss francs. NAK-Humanitas also provided financial support to the Foyer Arabelle, a shelter for women and their children who live in precarious situations. They are looked after on site, but also receive support when they are ready to leave the shelter again and return to their everyday lives. Or people whose mobility is restricted: NAK-Humanitas supported the association Transport Handicap Valain by helping them to buy a new van. Volunteer drivers take people with mobility issues to the doctor, to therapy, or similar appointments.

Helping where it is needed most

Over 1.5 million Swiss francs were channelled into emergency and reconstruction aid in the countries served by the New Apostolic Switzerland. Ukraine also received emergency aid.

In neighbouring Moldova, for example, NAK-Humanitas financed projects in Răzeni and Chişinău, where the BNA-Humanitas daycare centre team provides shelter and basic necessities for people who have fled Ukraine. There the children receive age-appropriate educational support.

This day care centre in Răzeni has been fully funded by NAK-Humanitas for the past six years. The children, some of whom experience domestic violence, are provided with healthy food, schooling, hygiene, and various creative and playful activities to help them with their development.

In Ukraine, NAK-Humanitas supported a project run by the Longo maï cooperative, which helps internally displaced persons to build a new life for themselves in the part of Ukraine where they are currently living and are safe. To this end, abandoned houses near Nyzhnje Selyshchewere were restored and a vegetable-growing initiative was started.

In the reporting year, NAC Humanitas also supported several projects of the New Apostolic partner organisation NAC SEA Relief, such as the construction of a new school building in Putting Bato in the Philippines or helps with the reconstruction of the regions affected by Typhoon Odette.

“On behalf of all the people you have helped with your commitment and the board of trustees, I would like to thank you for your trust and solidarity,” Thomas Deubel, the president of the board of trustees writes in his foreword. “I hope you will continue to support our work in the future,” he concludes.

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