A school with 6 classrooms

In 2006 a basic primary school was built in “Mile 9” in Sierra Leone, 91 miles away from the capital city of Freetown, through the initiative of members of the New Apostolic Church.

From the start, where 48 children attended, the numbers soon grew so that currently 325 children are taught at the school under nine voluntary teachers. Lessons were taught in 2006 in simple huts. At the end of 2013 a school building with six classrooms was built with financial support of donations made to the South Germany missionary organisation and by the Jörg-Wolff Foundation.

Only 33% of school age children are able to attend a school

Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries of the world. This West African country is slowly developing since 2000, following many years of civil war. Around 6 million of its inhabitants live directly on the Atlantic coast in the proximity of the equator. 40% of the population are under the age of 15. 65% of its adults are illiterate. “During the civil war over 1,270 schools were destroyed and in 2001 only around 33% of the children could attend a school”. (Source: Wikipedia)

The missionary work is engaged in education and development projects, in particular to give the poor and disadvantaged children the chance of a better life – an investment worth making!

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