Joy is contagious

After the final piece of music at the conclusion of the Pentecost service there was spontaneous applause not only in the stadium in Lusaka, but also in many congregations around the globe. One performer especially, a percussionist, delighted the listeners: the man striking the cymbals.

Together the choir and orchestra were comprised of some 3,000 members and rounded the Pentecost service off with mostly well-known pieces from our New Apostolic repertoire. The finale was a medley comprised of four pieces, and it swept nearly everyone of the 71,000 people in the National Heroes Stadium off their feet. The Chief Apostle did not leave it at a thank-you from the altar for a powerful finale, but walked over to the orchestra, hugged the conductor, and joined into the thunderous applause.

Multi-instrumentalist has many fans

Particular attention was given to one of the musicians: the man with the crash cymbals, who could be seen in close-ups the world over, striking his cymbals during the final piece. He not only sang along, but struck his cymbals with such verve and enthusiasm that his whole body reverberated. In the congregations watching the broadcast, this created some delightful amusement, but what is more, a great deal of admiration. In the social networks such as on nacworld and Facebook he was nominated a hero.

“I am humbled,” says Timothy Chirwa, a musician who is capable of a lot more than just playing the cymbals. He has been making music since he was six years old. Today Timothy is 35 years old and plays the organ, the piano, the oboe, and the clarinette, just to name a few. He is a TV producer for a local television station. On the side he runs his own small company, Timmie Records Ltd., and also works as a music teacher.

An active New Apostolic Christian

Timothy Chirwa is married and has two children. In his home congregation of Marrapodi he plays the organ. When asked whether he enjoys this as much, he says, “Whatever I do in the work of God I put my whole heart and soul into it.” And then, “But what I felt during the Pentecost service I have never ever felt before in my whole life.”

In addition to the original recordings of the Pentecost service, our video also contains a short cell phone video that was released on YouTube shortly after the divine service.

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