community is online: issue 2016/01

Currently, community is being produced in over 40 languages; some of these languages are available as a PDF on The newest issue has just been uploaded—the first of four in the upcoming year.

The first four letters of the magazine’s title, “comm”, stand for communication, and language is a system of communication. It takes many languages if you want to reach everyone. This is the reason why brothers and sisters all over the world are busy with the translation of community, the Church’s member magazine. They translate and adapt the individual reports into such widely spoken languages as English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, and into some less widely used languages such as Albanian, Croatian, Latvian, or Romanian that are concentrated in a particular region.

Teamwork across national borders

community is published by the New Apostolic Church International in three languages: English, French, and Spanish. Translations into additional languages are co-ordinated by the 19 District Apostle Areas. From the editorial deadline to the magazine’s publication it takes about eight weeks—a time in which the articles are compiled and translated and the magazine layout created. Between all this, the 32 pages of every issue are carefully checked and proofread in the hope of catching any errors that may have slipped through during the editorial process.

Communication: an important instrument for the Church

Before and community were launched, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider said: “Communication is vital today and it has to play a corresponding role in our ranks. It serves the purpose of coordination and global exchange. Communication is a way to promote our doctrine, for example, and to create an awareness of the various cultures.”

Issue 2016/01: Victory with Christ

In its first issue of the new year, community reports on the Chief Apostle’s visits to various continents in the past year and the divine services he celebrated there. In the section “Global News” readers can immerse themselves in the activities of the global Church: the International Youth Convention in 2019—where it will take place and who is invited; refugees in Europe—and the help being offered them; the media offer of the Church—and what apps are available.

The editorial is of course dedicated to our 2016 motto: “Victory with Christ”. Chief Apostle Schneider explains how New Apostolic Christians can fulfil the motto in everyday life.

community shqiptar (Albanian) 2016/01 Link
community الامارات العربية (Arab Emirates) 2016/01 Link
community հայերեն (Armenian) 2016/01 Link
community български (Bulgarian) 2016/01 Link
community Hrvatska (Croatian) 2016/01 Link
community český (Czech) 2016/01 Link
community english (English) 2016/01 Link
community français (French) 2016/01 Link
community français (French/Switzerland) 2016/01 Link
community ქართული (Georgian) 2016/01 Link
community ελληνικά (Greek) 2016/01 Link
community magyar (Hungarian) 2016/01 Link
community bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) 2016/01 Link
community italiano (Italian) 2016/01 Link
community Latvijas (Latvian) 2016/01.pdf Link
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community español (Spanish) 2016/01 Link
community español (Spanish/Switzerland) 2016/01 Link
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