At home worldwide: Aunty Molly and Aunty Pam retired

Featured this week are some recent retirements and ordinations, as well as an interdenominational information session in South Africa on World Aids Day.

Retirements and ordinations in Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

In a divine service in Phnom Penh on 22 November 2015, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider placed nine Apostles into retirement. Apostles Kaom Meas and Sarin Nov from Cambodia; the Apostles Nilratna Gorde, John Gorre, Sangappa Manohar, Vinod Masih, and Babu Somala from India; and the Apostles Anwar Khursheed and Mukhtar Masih from Pakistan. Some of these men were active as ministers in the New Apostolic Church for over 40 years, and between 11 and 30 of these years as Apostles.

The Chief Apostle then proceeded to ordain five new Apostles: Bishops Sophal Keo (35) and Phat Songseang (42) for Cambodia; and Bishops Sarwar Khariat (46), Babar Masih (47), and District Elder Parus John (35) for Pakistan.

Retirement in Güstrow (Germany)

Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider placed Apostle Dieter Böttcher into retirement in a divine service in Güstrow on 6 December 2015. Dieter Böttcher carried various ministries in the Church over a period of 42 years, 23 of these as an Apostle in the District Church of Central Germany. The Chief Apostle described him as a pleasant and competent co-worker during the service in Güstrow.

The Chief Apostle was impressed by Apostle Böttcher’s work abroad. For many years he worked in a number of foreign countries. “If you were asked to go to a foreign country, you just did it.”

Longstanding Sunday School teachers retire in Netreg (South Africa)

Aunty Molly and Aunty Pam, as they were fondly known, have retired. The two sisters, Caroline Dreyer (81) and Pamela Adams (71), together clocked 112 years as Sunday School teachers, and were placed into retirement by Bishop Fisher following the divine service on 6 December in our congregation in Netreg. The two dedicated sisters inspired and taught thousands of children over the years, many of whom are ministers today, the Bishop said.

Aunty Molly and Aunty Pam already have plans for after their retirement, Sister Jenny Classen, the Sunday School coordinator, let on. “Starting next year, the two sisters-in-faith will spend time with the confirmands in order to encourage them.”

Interdenominational World Aids Day campaign in Uitenhage (South Africa)

The Uitenhage Child and Family Welfare Society arranged an interdenominational information session on HIV/AIDS. As part of the programme various churches prepared a play depicting a story of the pandemic. In addition, they were allocated presentation space to further indicate how they would address the issue of HIV/AIDS in their respective churches. The youth of the New Apostolic Church in Uitenhage eagerly participated, and in so doing also professed their faith.