Posters for 2016: I manage to …

The new poster series for the upcoming year is ready. The series is captioned “I manage to …”. The Public Relations working group wants to express how great God’s help is—for each and everyone. Following is a brief introduction.

“I manage to look ahead with optimism rather than look back pessimistically all the time. With Christ.” This claim is illustrated with the portrait of a young woman smiling into the camera. This is the design of the posters for next year, which are currently in print. Every year, by commission of the Church leadership, the Working Group Public Relations issues a new poster series. The posters are used mainly in Germany, and are posted in showcases outside of our church buildings. The posters are being used in more and more districts and are being translated into a number of languages. The posters from the last three years are available for download on the official Church website:

This time the poster series deals with the question of how we can cope with certain experiences. With Christ we can be optimistic, bring balance to a situation, and bring our work life in line with church. The 2016 Christmas poster states: “I manage to be thankful for something every day instead of always wanting more. With Christ.” The people portrayed in the posters are members of the New Apostolic Church who identify themselves with a motto that will play an important role in the year 2016 in the various activities undertaken in the Church.


Already in the past year the posters consisted of a series of so-called testimonials, short statements qualifying our faith. Since 2014 the posters have been portraying members of the Church, who are committed to their faith and state what they personally and concretely appreciate in the New Apostolic Church. The subjects this year come from the District Church North Germany and represent all age groups. Something similar is planned for 2016. The subjects are also from North Germany, and again make a personal profession. The photographer is also the same. Following the positive response on this year’s series, the Working Group Public Relations wanted to create a sequel.

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Starting in January, the new posters will be displayed in some 2,000 showcases outside of New Apostolic churches right across Europe. They are currently being printed and will then be sent to the various congregations. In addition, at the beginning of every month, the Church will publish the poster for the current month plus a short explanation on Initiator of the Church’s poster series is the Working Group Public Relations.

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