Our growing news network

Reach, use, response—a significant upward trend everywhere: the media network of the New Apostolic Church has continued to increase in importance in the year 2016. But some things have also shifted.

The top seller is the Chief Apostle’s New Year’s message. The video, in which the Chief Apostle addresses the members of the Church and issues His annual motto, has already become a tradition. The video comes in first in terms of popularity on one of the latest lists of the most popular features on nac.today—and is unchallenged to date.

There where the users are

While the first video in the year 2015 logged nearly 22,000 page views, the 2016 video registered more than double the number of page views, namely 44,000. But this year the New Year’s message only logged 22,000 page views. What happened?

No, the problem is not that the Chief Apostle’s message is not accepted—quite the contrary. The editors merely took into account user behaviour and began posting videos directly on Facebook and Instagram at the beginning of 2016 because users are generally reluctant to leave their social networks. The result: the page views for the Chief Apostle’s 2017 message soared to 150,000 plus.

Three websites and one app

A total of 50 million pages were called up by users around the world last year looking to find out more about the New Apostolic way of life and faith. The central focus here is nak.org, the official website of the New Apostolic Church International, and nac.today, the news magazine of the Church. Any news featured here automatically appears in nacnews and nacworld.net.

The one is the app, which has been installed on some 21,000 Android and iOS mobile devices. And the other is the social network of the Church with more than 40,000 registered members. While the District Churches complement the offer on nacnews by contributing additional content, the users of nacworldnet themselves post articles and comments—something they did 150,000 times last year

A dozen channels

NAKI Communication Services have expanded their presence in the social networks. The oldest online offer is our own Youtube channel. The latest is the Twitter account as well as the two Instagram profiles in English and German.

On Facebook, with two additional languages, there are now seven points of contact: Neuapostolische Kirche, New Apostolic Church, Iglesia Nueva Apostólica and Eglise néo-apostolique as well as Jean-Luc Schneider, nacworld.net, and nac.today. More than 60,000 subscribers are registered on these accounts alone.

The rest of the iceberg

It can be assumed that information and news is spread more than 50 million times, because content is not only shared and liked, but also linked to other sites or reposted. In addition, official websites of the District Churches, districts, and congregations make extensive use of the texts, pictures, and videos. And for the offliners there is community, the member magazine, which spreads a good part of the information on paper, and whose core content is available in some 40 languages.

And how do the readers and viewers like it? The best example is our top seller. In 2015 the Chief Apostle’s New Year’s message registered 6,000 likes, in 2016 this rose to 7,600, and in 2017 it soared to 15,000 likes.

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Andreas Rother