Spotlight 7/2017: Praising God when it hurts

Glorifying God even when things are not going well? Praising God instead of weeping and gnashing our teeth? District Apostle Mark Woll from Canada says yes and presents some examples.

We have often used the term “glory” or “to glorify” in our life of faith. Sometimes we use these words to express a momentary burst of emotion. However, we realise it is much more than that; it is the work of the Holy Spirit upon us. We know the Son glorified the Father and the Father glorified the Son (John 17: 1). The Holy Spirit glorifies Jesus Christ and declares it to us (John 16: 14). By definition, “to glorify” means: to honour, praise and worship, to elevate, to light up, to reveal or make clearer the glory of God by one’s actions.

This wonderful mission which our Chief Apostle directed us to gives us the opportunity to consider

  • the greatness of God.
  • the gifts God has given us, for which we have reason to be thankful.
  • our conduct as children of God.

It indeed requires reflection, meditation, and that we place this mission in the foreground each and every day. This may not always be so easy, especially in difficult times and circumstances. This I experienced recently in the circle of my own family where tragedy struck. Now we face moving forward, bringing glory to God, praising His name, thanking Him, and conducting ourselves as children of God should.

I thought of our countless brothers and sisters around the world who suffer and carry a heavy burden, yet manage “by their noble deeds and conduct” to bring honour to God. They count their blessings rather than their sorrows (blessings are always greater than our sorrows) and rather speak of the great deeds of God than speak of the works of the devil.

There are many examples around us of people who live their faith in times of joy and of sorrow, in good and in bad days. They remain focused on the goal of our faith, the return of the Lord, and continue to glorify God, our Father.

Dear brothers and sisters, let us see the greatness of God in everything and speak of it. This way, we complain a little less and speak of God a little more. May we recognise all that God has given and what is truly precious in our lives, such as our faith, the children of God, and our families. Let us show Him our deep gratitude. May our conduct be a living testimony of Jesus Christ according to the words in Matthew 5: 16: “Let your lights shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”

I wish you a most blessed and successful 2017. Let us remain together, pray for one another, and together glorify God, our Father.

Photo: NAC Canada

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