Australia has a new District Apostle Helper

As of last Sunday, Peter Schulte is the number two man in the District Apostle district of Australia. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider began by ordaining him into the Apostle ministry, and then went on to assign him as a District Apostle Helper for the enormous working area.

“This is an important step that we will now take together,” said the Church leader as he began his address to Peter Schulte, who has been responsible as District Elder for Eastern Australia for several years. The Chief Apostle noted that he knew exactly how the District Elder felt in this situation.

Fourteen years ago, he too had been called to the altar as a District Elder, first to receive the ministry of an Apostle, and immediately afterward, also the task of supporting his District Apostle as a Helper. “But I can comfort you with the words: do not be afraid! God is with you!” The Church leader assured him that he would be able to feel the power of God, along with the prayers of the many members across the vast country.

First love, then lead

As an Apostle and District Apostle Helper, his first task is to become acquainted with his brothers and sisters, and carry them in love. “And you are also to learn to lead the Church and walk before the congregations in this part of the world.” The Chief Apostle went on to add that this will be easy because he has a District Apostle in whom he can confide and follow in zeal.

Journey to the “Land Down Under”

Chief Apostle Schneider is currently visiting the congregations in Australia and Papua-New Guinea. The members there have been looking forward to this visit with great expectations, wrote District Apostle Andersen in advance of the big event. After all, it had been seven years since a Chief Apostle had last visited Melbourne, the second-largest city of Australia. With the assignment of a new District Apostle Helper, a new chapter has been written in the history of the District Church. At the same time, it marks the start of the transition period for the successorship of the current District Apostle, whose retirement is planned for September 2018.

A man of faith

Peter Schulte (*1963) lives in Sarina, Queensland. As District Apostle Helper he will report directly to the current District Apostle. “I am very grateful to have always experienced the guidance of God in all the experiences I have made in my life,” says the incumbent District Apostle Andersen. “And this is also the case here—this change has been long requested in prayer, and it clearly stands under the blessing of the Lord. Peter Schulte is a man of faith and great strength,” says the District Apostle, as he describes his successor. “He will be leading a large district, and he will do so in his customary calm and sober manner.” The District Apostle’s personal wish is that the transition will be seamless.

Off to PNG

From Melbourne, the Chief Apostle continued onward to Papua-New Guinea. There he conducted the first divine service of this leg of the journey on Thursday near Wewak. The Thanksgiving Day divine service on 1 October will take place in Port Moresby, the capital of the country. This will bring the Church leader’s trip to the South Pacific to a close.

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