Blessing. What does it mean exactly?

What is blessing? There are many answers. But some of the more popular notions miss the point. Chief Apostle Schneider in an interview of sorts.

Blessing signifies increase.

No. The blessing of God is basically to be understood as the imparting of salvation. Increase is, if it occurs, a side effect of blessing. God promised Abraham: “I will make you a great nation.” But the reason behind this increase was: “And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” When Jesus multiplied the bread and the fish, He not only wanted to feed the crowd, but rather to show that He could impart salvation to all people.

Blessing is revealed in a successful life.

No! The intended sense is that blessing is everything that brings us closer to God …

Blessing is the reward for our loyalty and commitment in God’s work.

Blessing cannot be earned.

Blessing is an expression of God’s loving care to mankind.

That’s it!

Blessing can be earned.

No, blessing is a gift of God. But only where there is faith and loyalty can blessing unfold properly.

Sometimes blessing can only be recognised in hindsight.

That happens to me often.

Blessing must be fought for.

Fighting for blessing means that we constantly prove that fellowship with God is the most important thing for us. “Ask, and it will be given to you!”

Blessing is bound to humility.


Blessing is something entirely otherworldly.

Those who are blessed have peace with God and joy in Christ already here and now.

Blessing is temporary.

Our faith and our conduct define the effectiveness of blessing … As long as we make an effort to keep our confirmation vow the confirmation blessing will be effective. God helps us to overcome evil with good!

Blessing saves us from sorrow and suffering.

No! Blessing saves us from being separated from God in times of sorrow and suffering …

The only channel God uses to bless us is the ministers.

In the divine services God blesses us through the activity of the ministers. The blessing which God bestows on special occasions (confirmation, wedding, etc.) is dispensed by ministers. But God has many other ways of doing good things for us …

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