Spotlight 12/2018: Living our faith more consciously

Let us live our faith and preach what we practise, District Apostle Andrew H. Andersen from Australia says. He advocates that we become more conscious of our faith.

Each annual motto that our Chief Apostles have given as a beacon light over the past years has had a special significance for the children of God around the world.

This year’s motto: “Faithful to Christ” is no exception. It goes right to the core of our life and how we live it. It both encourages and asserts. We are encouraged to be faithful to Christ for our own benefit. By being and remaining faithful to Christ we are maximising the opportunities that childhood in God offers. Every individual must recognise that self-accountability is a reality that cannot be ignored or sidestepped. We are all accountable for our own actions, decisions, and outcomes. No amount of so-called political correctness can change this reality. The tendency today of excusing certain issues, actions, and even beliefs that are contrary to the doctrine of Christ does not change the reality: being and remaining faithful to Christ is the only path that leads to our goal, eternal life.

In this regard, as children of God we should also not be shy about being assertive in our faithfulness to Christ. He taught us to be focused and not to renounce our beliefs, even temporarily, in order to avoid or minimise a particular situation for our own comfort. Christ never walked away from a challenge, no matter how unpleasant or how threatening. Faithfulness to Christ is required (and expected) by Him under all circumstances and in all situations. Faithfulness is not to be aligned with comfort or security; faithfulness is faithfulness—without qualification.

When (the later Apostles) Peter and John were challenged about preaching in the name of Christ, they defended their preaching emphatically (Acts 4: 20). When we stand up for Christ today, let us also be resolute and unyielding.

A well-known saying goes: “Practise what you preach.” I suggest it is even better when, with a good conscience, we can confidently “preach what we practice”. As we go forward in life, let us practise faithfulness to Christ ourselves and at the same time be assertive when we are in the company of our family, friends, and neighbours. Our determination that we ourselves have to keep our faith alive must communicate itself to others.

My dear brothers and sisters, let us be (and remain) faithful to Christ.

Photo: NAC Australia

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Andrew H. Anderson