Volunteers provide ongoing help

To really make a difference requires more than goodwill and helpfulness. The magic word here is “persistence”. Because those who provide lasting help, provide the best help. Following are three examples of ongoing projects by New Apostolic charities on three continents.

Forty-foot container shipped to Suriname

The first container of the year from the Dutch charity Stichting Corantijn has just arrived in Suriname. The charity developed from an initiative called “Adoptie Plan Suriname”, which was started in 1989. Volunteers in the Netherlands collect donations and supplies that are needed in Suriname and, once a month, they put everything together. Twice a year, they load a forty-foot container with all the supplies and ship it to Suriname. Several years ago, a fundraising drive called “Third Container” was started. The charity is hoping to be able to fund a third shipment to Suriname. The relief supplies are distributed to children and seniors’ homes, to hospitals, schools, and prisons, but also to the general public.

Day care services for the disabled in Belarus

Nak-karitativ and the New Apostolic Church Berlin-Brandenburg recently celebrated the first anniversary of a joint operation in Belarus. Island of Hope is a day care centre for people with severe disabilities. It is located in Minsk, and is the only centre of its kind. It was established in 1996 by Ludmila Michaelnovna-Gotko. For a good year now, Nak-karitativ has been financing a part of the day care centre’s budget and has made it possible for Ludmila to expand her services. The centre provides assistance for 62 severely disabled people between 16 and 40 years. The centre is open ten hours a day. The project is run in co-operation with the New Apostolic Church Berlin-Brandenburg.

Clean water for West Africa

The charity of the New Apostolic Church Southern Germany, human aktiv, supports the construction of wells and toilet facilities in the West African countries of Benin, Ghana, and Togo. The project is called “Water is life”. Benefiting from the project are particularly neglected rural areas. Wells are being drilled and equipped with pumps and filters. With access to clean water, the risk of water-borne diseases is reduced. The charity also supports a water supply project named CARD in Cameroon in order to provide clean and potable water in an effort to promote rural development. human aktiv contributes up to 80,000 euros a year to such projects.

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