Making sure everyone knows: IYC ambassadors get to work

Heeeeeey! — A joyful shout provides a foretaste of things to come in 2019: at the end of May, eight young New Apostolic Christians tested out the positive atmosphere in the Düsseldorf arena. They are ambassadors for the International Youth Convention (IYC).

“Here I am — where are you?” Raphael from Switzerland asks the camera. The eight ambassadors have spread out in teams of two around the north tribune of the Düsseldorf Arena in in order to shoot some short videos. They are gathering material for their social media accounts. Instagram will be the main communication medium for the “IYC ambassadors”, whose number has since grown to twelve. Their mission: to inspire and bolster enthusiasm for the big celebration of faith in 2019—the first International Youth Convention of the New Apostolic Church in Düsseldorf.

Spreading the light

“What is most important to me is that we get the fire burning more brightly and spread the light so that as many young people as possible can come to Düsseldorf on Ascension Day 2019,” says Raphael, the IYC Ambassador for Switzerland. The others agree.

Élise is representing France, Pascal the Netherlands, and Anna-Sophia the District Apostle district of North and Eastern Germany. Meanwhile, Kevin is representing the Austrians, Simon the region of Southern Germany, and Miguel is acting for Portugal. But there are also a number of other youth from other regions who could not participate in the kick-off meeting.

Facilitators in preparation

The IYC ambassadors are to act as a team of facilitators between the planning committee and the young people in their countries or District Churches. On the one hand, the ambassadors will spread information to the congregations and districts in their regions, and on the other hand they will also provide feedback to the planning committee about the wishes and expectations of the young people in their areas.

In addition, the ambassadors see it as their mission to promote participation. “None of our youth should be able to say afterwards that they never heard anything about this special weekend in Düsseldorf,” says Elias Schwenk from Frankfurt (New Apostolic Church Western Germany), who is coordinating the ambassador team.

Communication via Instagram

It was over the last weekend of April in Düsseldorf that the young Christians were equipped for their mission: they were given all sorts of information surrounding the International Youth Convention. Frank Schuldt, director of the planning subcommittee for Communications, updated them on the current status of the plans as well as the registration process envisioned, and gave them an overview of the program. Social media expert Heike Stiegler then worked with the ambassadors to develop a media concept and provided them with tips on technical matters.

One result of the group’s efforts: the ambassadors will communicate over Instagram for the most part. Their profiles are labelled “IYDambassador”, “IJTambassador”, or “JIJambassador”—each with their own country code.

The ambassadors’ accounts

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