Flashback (1): Pentecost re-echoes with praise and gratitude

The musicians touched the hearts of many thousands of people with their sensitive and moving renditions at the central Pentecost service. One particular song from South Africa tugged at many people’s heartstrings.

“To God be the glory” was the name of the first piece played by the ensemble from the youth symphony orchestra of the New Apostolic Church Switzerland after the end of the service. The music was composed by Gavin H. Julius, who acquired his knowledge and love of music in the New Apostolic Church Southern Africa. He began composing at the age of 17.

Gavin has been a member of a composition workgroup (NAC Composers) since 2003, and as such was also involved in compiling the English and Afrikaans Hymnals, as well as the children’s hymn collection Bright and Beautiful. Gavin’s composition “To God be the glory” is one of the international works included in the youth songbook published by the New Apostolic Church.

The text was written by Frances Jane Crosby (1820–1915), a blind American songwriter. She wrote more than 8,000 works, many of which have become classics in the New Apostolic context. These include songs such “God will take care of you”, “Pass me not, O gentle Saviour”, and “Let your hearts be ever joyful”.

“Now thank we all our God!” was the opening hymn of the Pentecost service. The Pentecost event ended as it began—with praise and thanksgiving.

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