Sharing our joy in Christ

Joy is meant to be shared. This applies first and foremost to our “joy in Christ”. It is for this reason that has initiated a participation campaign: get creative and share your joy. The first submissions have already arrived.

Our motto for the year 2015 has many facets. In his New Year’s Day address, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider made reference to four points. Accordingly, our “joy in Christ” incorporates the following:

  • joy over our salvation through Christ
  • joy in Christian fellowship
  • joy in serving in accordance with the example of the Lord
  • joy over the gifts and powers we receive for use in daily life

This motto is now being developed further in divine service after divine service. And in a special series of its own at, District Apostles from around the world will weigh in to provide us with even more food for thought. There are all sorts of thoughts to be further digested. Sometimes it helps to draw a picture. All our readers are encouraged to participate.

It was not so much with his eyes as with his ears that Deacon Joachim H. Böttcher-Domschat from Frankfurt on the Oder managed come to terms with this year’s motto. The conductor and self-taught musician set the Bible text from the New Year’s Day service to music in the form of a canon: “Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation” (Habakkuk 3: 18). The work is now available to all interested parties, be it for their listening pleasure or even making music.

Please send us your creations too! Take some photos, make a short video clip, have the kids draw a picture, or come up with something creative on your own. Over the course of the year we will publish the best ideas here at

However, there are also a few rules to note in this campaign:

  • if you send anything to us, please grant your consent to its publication. For this purpose, please tell us your name, age, and home congregation.
  • please ensure that any persons depicted in your submission have given consent to its publication. Better ask to be on the safe side.
  • please do not submit any works for which you do not have express consent for publication. For example, we cannot publish works found on the internet.

So now let’s get down to work with joy! You can reach our editors at

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