Confirmation with Faithbook and video clips

It is time for confirmation services. Between Easter and Pentecost adolescents around the world step before the altar and profess their belief in God. The congregations take a keen interest. Following is a look at the District Church of Canada.

Sixty-three New Apostolic girls and boys will be confirmed in Canada this year. This may not sound like much, but it certainly is a lot considering that all those who profess their belief in Jesus Christ and in His gospel are heavyweights in terms of faith. Confirmation is a known Christian concept in Canadian society. And of course, like everywhere else too, there is the consumer aspect to it. Right now paper and stationery stores are well stocked with confirmation cards in all kinds of languages. Canada is a multicultural country—people come from the most diverse cultural backgrounds.

Eighteen months of confirmation classes

The age of confirmation is usually 14 years. Preparation for it begins earlier in confirmation classes that take place on a regular basis—usually on a Monday evening. The children are not only made familiar with the Bible and their faith, but the confirmation vow they will make is filled with substance.

The final lessons are especially interesting. As in previous years, a display board was presented in the fellowship hall of the Kitchener church. The confirmands were asked to prepare a tri-fold display board, a so-called Faithbook. Similar to a Facebook page, it included biographic information of the girl or boy, photos, and descriptions of what they learned in confirmation class.

Faithbook and video clips

The students were also asked to each prepare a short video clip containing a brief introduction, a favourite Bible verse, and a commandment or article of faith that especially resonates with them. The Kitchener District youth helped them with scripting and preparing the short videos. The individual video clips were then compiled into a complete video montage and played to family and friends during the Confirmation of Faith evening on 1 April—the final lesson to which the whole congregation is invited.

The confirmation service

Divine services with confirmation in the New Apostolic Church are generally celebrated between Easter and Pentecost. Young Christians step up to the altar and make a vow to God: “I renounce Satan and all his work and ways, and surrender myself to You, O triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in belief, obedience, and the earnest resolution to remain faithful to You until my end. Amen.”

Confirmation is unthinkable without photos. Those who post their photos on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter can give them the hashtag #NACconfirmationand so help create an international photo album.

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