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    Overcoming crises with God’s help

    “Why?” is one of the most common questions. Sometimes one asks out curiosity, other times it is out of sheer despair. Here is an excerpt from a sermon on how to deal with the unexplained. More

    Whether celebrating or mourning, Jesus’ love is not dependent on the situation

    Jesus drank wine and John the Baptist was an ascetic. In that case neither of them could have been sent by God, could they?! Nevertheless, Jesus’ actions prove that He was indeed sent by God. And whoever follows the path that Jesus established has grounds for true joy. More

    Pastoral care (14): Emmaus, the mother of all visits

    Emmaus, a small town near Jerusalem, was the scene of an interesting exchange between the Risen Jesus Christ and His disciples. And that is precisely what a really good pastoral visit should look like. More

    Tears of sorrow, tears of joy

    Joy and sadness often exist side by side. While some can come together and celebrate again, others are struggling to come to terms with destruction. Let’s pray for all. More

    Love is the standard of our perfection

    “Let us trust in God, let us believe in Jesus Christ, let us believe in the effectiveness of the Holy Spirit and act accordingly. Those who do this will benefit fully from salvation. This is nothing new, but I don’t know of anything else that would be more important for us than that.” More