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    Back to Jesus

    “We must be careful to ensure that this does not happen to us,” appealed Chief Apostle Schneider. A sermon about pitfalls that is nevertheless encouraging — and not only for ministers. More

    Opening divine services of the New Year

    Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider kicked off the year 2020 with a divine service in Neuchâtel, the French-speaking capital of the Swiss canton of Neuenburg. His core message: “Christ makes free!” More

    Nothing is possible without hope

    What would a person be without hope? That is why it is of such crucial importance to know what to hope for! Straight from the Chief Apostle: “The Holy Spirit nourishes our hope in eternal life. We wait for the return of the Lord and hold fast to this hope in trust and love.” More

    Christ makes free (2) — the example of Jesus

    Jesus desires to liberate mankind, not only in the far distant future, but already now, already here and today. How will He do this? By serving as our example! Featured here is the second part of the opening service on the annual motto for 2020. More

    What we can learn from John the Baptist

    John the Baptist prepared the way for the arrival of the Messiah—today the congregation prepares the way for the return of Christ—two core statements from the Fellbach sermon conducted by the Chief Apostle. And he also went on to explain how it all works. More