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“The wrong response would be to remain motionless, inactive, and mute,” Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider states in his editorial of the new issue of community. Praising God and giving thanks is an essential task of everyday life.

A letter by Chief Apostle Schneider, a divine service report, and four pages of Church doctrine are featured in the new issue. In addition there is news from the congregations, a Bible story for the children, and an interview with Suhani in Raipur (India).

Editorial: praising God and giving thanks

Our motto for 2017 not only contains the task to become aware of the magnitude of God and His creation. Something else we need to do every day is praise and thank God, the Chief Apostle says, and lists three concrete examples of how we can succeed at this in everyday life:

  • giving thanks by being prepared to sacrifice. This is not just a matter of money.
  • giving thanks by being willing to reconcile—because we are thankful for God’s grace.
  • giving thanks by serving Him—because everything was given to us by God.

The divine service: some plain talking

May a Christian be uncompromising? “Yes,” the Chief Apostle says. In fact, sometimes we have to be and goes on to mention concrete situations. “What choice will you make?” Chief Apostle Schneider asks in conclusion. “Jesus will give us salvation … For this reason, let us not hesitate: we are on the side of Jesus Christ!” community publishes his sermon in its full length.

Three additional reports feature visits of the Chief Apostle to Germany, Canada, and South Korea.

Church doctrine: humbleness of the individual and the Church

Our relationship to God is reflected in our relationship to our neighbour. This not only applies in terms of love but also when it comes to humbleness. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider explains that humbleness is a fundamental Christian virtue. Being aware of one’s own place—that is humbleness. This not only applies to the individual, but also to the Church as a whole.

community is distributed by the Church as a print product especially in regions where there is no Internet access or where access is limited. community can also be read online via our archive. The magazine is published every three months in numerous languages. The articles are translated by brothers and sisters all over the world. Some districts publish regional issues which feature additional news and articles—they can also be found in the archives of

community is a magazine for members of the Church, but also for friends of the New Apostolic Church or any one who is interested.

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