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Proclaiming the gospel to non-Christians and being innovative … This is what Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider calls for in his article on the universality of the church and the gospel. More in the newest issue of community.

Bringing the gospel to all people

“I am convinced that we should also turn more of our attention to non-Christians. Let us show the same courage as the first Christians and let us not set any limits when it comes to proclaiming the gospel. Let us not hesitate to be innovative!” the Chief Apostle asks in his essay. “The glad tidings must be proclaimed to all.” Neither the poor nor the disadvantaged should be given preference, nor it is a good strategy to concentrate our attention on people who are well-off. “The message of the gospel is universal.”

He goes on to explain: “In order to proclaim the universal message of the gospel in a convincing manner, we do not need to demonise earthly life or paint a dark picture of the future. Such an approach would make the truth of the gospel completely inaccessible to a significant proportion of the population. Following Christ is not inconsistent with a pleasant life on this earth. On the contrary, it can contribute to such a life!”

This article is part of the new issue and can be found in the “Doctrine” section.

Getting to know different cultures

This issue also takes the reader on a journey to our brothers and sisters in Equatorial Guinea, Hong Kong, and South America. How do people live their New Apostolic faith in the various cultures and societies? Stories from the various continents give answers and show the different life-worlds.

Accompanying the Chief Apostle on his journeys

In the section “A visit in”, community reports on the Chief Apostle’s trips to the brothers and sisters around the world. In the new issue the magazine features excerpts from divine services in Toronto (Canada), Kindu (Africa), Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) and Šiauliai (Lithuania). The reports provide core thoughts from the services and a look at the respective congregation.

The Chief Apostle’s New Year message

Rich in Christ—this is our motto for the new year. In his New Year video message, Chief Apostle Schneider addressed all brothers and sisters. community features the message in its entirety. “God is immensely rich: rich in kindness, rich in patience, and rich in grace. And God wants us to benefit from His wealth. We can share in this wealth—namely through Jesus Christ,” the Chief Apostle says.

“What does this wealth consist of? How can we acquire it?” he asks. “Over the next few weeks and months we will occupy ourselves with this question. I am very curious to learn what ideas the Holy Spirit will awaken in each one of us and in the congregations.”

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