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Fluctuating case numbers and adapting to changing Covid-19 measures are challenging people everywhere. But there is a comforting constant in all of this—our online and dial-in services.

Divine services via telephone or video do not save lives, nor can they prevent a lockdown or give the economy a boost. But they are a reliable source of peace for the believers in turbulent times.

When the congregation comes together for divine service, prays together and hears God’s word, inner security and peace are created. And it offers us a perspective of divine love, divine omnipotence, and eternal life. A divine service makes us feel good—whether we are in our local congregation or enjoying virtual fellowship online, should attendance of an in-person service not be possible.

Those members who have Internet access and can speak another language can of course also watch the online services that are streamed in other parts of the world. English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese are spoken in many countries and are therefore also the basis for the sermons. Those who cannot attend divine services in their own congregations because they have to work therefore have an alternative.

The first divine services on Sundays are conducted in the Western Pacific and in South-East Asia.

The New Apostolic Church broadcasts central video services in over thirty regions worldwide and in more than a dozen languages. Here is the weekly overview.

Live streams on Sunday, 15 May 2022

Digital library of the New Apostolic Church

The New Apostolic Church International has an extensive digital library with clips from divine services by Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider and musical events from recent years on https://nac.today, as well as on its English, Spanish, French, and German YouTube channels.

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