community is online: issue 2016/02

Being able to leaf through and read their own copy of community is something very special for many members. Another edition has just been completed and is on its way to many countries and congregations.

community is the member magazine of the New Apostolic Church and along with African Joy and the German magazine Unsere Familie it belongs to the official publications of the New Apostolic Church. Thanks to the help from many people who work in an honorary capacity, community is translated and distributed in forty languages.

Spiritual impulse

Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider regularly addresses his brothers and sisters in an editorial. In the new issue of community he writes: “To fear God means to have respect and profound reverence for God, our Creator and heavenly Father. Let us trust Him as long as we live, even on bad days.” Using examples from Scripture he illustrates how people in biblical times trusted God and draws a parallel to our time.

Divine services by the Church leader

The 32-page magazine is published once every three months. A special feature are the Chief Apostle’s visits to the various countries around the world and the divine services he conducts there. community also reports about the work being done by the Church’s own aid organizations and about special events in the nineteen District Apostle Areas. The editors of community are supported by an international network of correspondents.

The doctrine of the Church

“Life after death” and “The sacraments” are part of the fundamentals of our teaching, which the Catechism describes in detail. community publishes regular excerpts from the Catechism, something readers may have been wondering about. Why does the Church do that? Those members who have access to the Internet can browse into the Catechism on the website of the New Apostolic Church at any time. And the Catechism is also available as a book. But there are also many who do not have the money to buy the book and who do not have Internet access, but to whom the Church leaders want to make doctrinal texts available. This way, with every printed issue, these members receive their very own copy of the Church’s doctrine.

community archive

All editions of community can be downloaded from at any time. As the various editions become available, they are posted for download.

community shqiptar (Albanian) 2016/02 Link
community الامارات العربية (Arab Emirates) 2016/02 Link
community հայերեն (Armenian) 2016/02 Link
community Hrvatska (Croatian) 2016/02 Link
community english (English) 2016/02 Link
community english (English Zambia) 2016/02 Link
community français (French) 2016/02 Link
community français (French/Switzerland) 2016/02 Link
community ქართული (Georgian) 2016/02 Link
community ελληνικά (Greek) 2016/02 Link
community bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) 2016/02 Link
community italiano (Italian) 2016/02 Link
community Latvijas (Latvian) 2016/02 Link
community Lietuvos (Lithuanian) 2016/02 Link
community português (Portuguese) 2016/02 Link
community español (Spanish) 2016/02 Link
community español (Spanish/Switzerland) 2016/02 Link
community Tamil (Tamil) 2016/02 Link

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