nacnews: an update to the news reader

New Apostolic news from around the world—but only the articles I want to read! Anyone at all can choose for himself. It’s a piece of cake with nacnews!

nacnews offers a compact and convenient overview of news reports from various websites of the New Apostolic Church. Global news sources include the media of the New Apostolic Church International, as well as those of the regional District Churches, Church districts, and aid organisations. And more news feeds are constantly being added.

Languages and news feeds can be selected individually in the app settings. And of course, nacnews is ad-free. The app for iOS devices (App Store) and Android devices (Google Play Store) can be downloaded free of charge for use on both smartphones and tablets.

The apps of the New Apostolic Church are constantly being updated. And as with every update, the latest includes bug fixes and even offers a somewhat enhanced performance.

Two top functions for everyday use

  • Push function: users can subscribe to individual feeds in the app. With this subscription, messages from selected websites can be shown directly on the display with a push notification as soon as they are published. Important news will thus appear even more quickly.
  • Individual news selection: don't read everything, only the things that interest you. The content offer can be limited to the essentials using individual source selection.

Register your District Church or church district

Editors of the District Churches and Church districts can have their website news integrated into the nacnews app at any time. The app automatically records messages by way of an interface, and makes them available for interested readers to view.

Contact information for editors and webmasters for inclusion in the nacnews app:

The name

Since the official language of the global Church is English, the app series also has English titles. In each case, the prefix “nac” represents the acronym of the English designation “New Apostolic Church”. The second part of the title denotes the content of the respective app:

  • naccatechism, the long version of the Catechism
  • nacfaq, the Catechism in Questions and Answers
  • nacmaps, the global congregation search
  • nacnews, news from the District Churches around the world

Naturally, menu navigation and app content is multilingual and individually adjustable. Users can choose between English, French, German, and Spanish.

The iOS app for iPhones and iPads is available free of charge in the App Store.

You can find the Android app for Android smartphones and tablets free of charge in the Google Play Store.

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Oliver Rütten
Media, International, Congregational life