At home around the world

Pentecost is over — but the highlight of the month of May is not to obscure the fact that there have also been other great initiatives unfolding in New Apostolic congregations around the world outside of these festive holy days. In the following we report on some of them:

New Apostolic information booth at a Protestant Church Convention

Every two years there is a nationwide church convention organized by the Protestant Churches in Germany. This year it will take place in Stuttgart. For the second time already, our Church will take part in this event with a New Apostolic booth. Apostle Volker Kühnle, Chairman of the international Work Group Contacts with other Religions and Denominations (WG CRD), is coordinating this project: "First and foremost, we are interested in having a presence. Here in Europe, and especially in Germany, ecumenism is a matter that requires patience and persistence. We have now been in dialogue for years with other churches and ecumenical organisations. This occurs most often in the form of meetings and conferences. But we are also interested in showing our flag in public." Two years ago already, the New Apostolic Church had operated a stand at the Protestant Church Convention, which had taken place in Hamburg that year.

Youth committee visits Church headquarters

Saturday morning, 30 May: wintertime in Cape Town — but despite the poor weather, the members of the committee for youth matters in the Cape District assembled for a visit to the headquarters of the Cape Town Church office. Apostle Allister David Kriel began by welcoming the young members, and then two employees of the head office took the group on a tour of the various internal departments. As it turned out, there was also an opportunity to meet with District Apostle Noel Barnes in his office. He dedicated sufficient time to the group and told them all about the Chief Apostle's visit in Lusaka. Following this, the young people had a chance to talk to him about youth matters in the District Church.

New Apostolic Church donates to the UTH

The training hospital of the University of Lusaka (University of Teaching Health, or UTH) received a generous donation from the Henwood Foundation of the New Apostolic Church in Zambia. Various medical wares—such as wheelchairs, mattresses, beds, and much more—were presented. District Apostle Charles Ndandula's intention is to support the population of Zambia: “The Henwood Foundation supports several such projects, also in the field of training, the health care sector, and in the agricultural economy. We have even built two clinics, one of them in Karonga (Malawi), and the other in Chisanga-Mkushi (Zambia)." The director of the UTH, Dr. Lackson Kasonka, was visibly delighted, especially now that he can better fulfil the many commitments of his clinic.

Papua-New Guinea

District Apostle Andrew Andersen is not only responsible for the Church in Australia, but also for the many congregations in Papua-New Guinea. This Pacific archipelago is of an enormous scope: hundreds of islands, hundreds of different peoples, each with their own totally unique cultures and hundreds of languages. It is not always easy to provide uniform pastoral care and a uniform Church structure here. District Apostle Andersen reports on this in the new "Australia District News" publication, which can now also be downloaded on the internet in pdf format.

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