Over 300 Apostles in Johannesburg

27.05.2002) Johannesburg. The Pentecost divine service has been a special highlight on the New Apostolic Church calendar for years already. It is not only an occasion for the incumbent Chief Apostle to give a special word of guidance for the current year, but also a divine service that is transmitted via satellite to thousands of receiving congregations in Europe and other continents. Furthermore, every three years, all active Apostles of the New Apostolic Church meet in one locale to participate in an International Apostles' Conference.

The Sandton Convention Centre in the heart of Johannesburg was the scene of this year's Pentecost divine service of the New Apostolic Church - over 300 Apostles from all parts of the world took part; at the end of the divine service, ten further Apostles and seven Bishops were ordained. The divine service was transmitted via satellite to over 2,300 receiving locations in South Africa, Europe as well as North and South America. Over one million New Apostolic Christians were thereby able to experience the divine service, live from Johannesburg!

Chief Apostle Fehr selected the following word of guidance for the year 2002: "Therefore be patient, brethren. [...] You also be patient. Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand." (James 5:7-8). The Chief Apostle combined this with the appeal to all New Apostolic congregations, to hold fast to the imminent expectation of Jesus Christ's return!

At the end of the divine service, the Chief Apostle ordained ten Apostles and seven Bishops. The following were ordained as Apostles: Patrick Mandla Mkhwanazi (South Africa), Ernesto Atucumana (Mozambique), Agostinho Dzimba (Mozambique), Manuel Naquitxe (Mozambique), Felicien Ebanga Edou (Cameroon, Gabon), Charles Nabru Tita (Cameroon), Shadreck Mundia Lubasi (Kenya), Francis Walufu Mwesigwa (Uganda), Samuel Arthur (Ghana) and Augustine Rotimi (Nigeria). The new Bishops' names are: Jesepf Eusuph Milazi (South Africa), Rafael Marucha (Mozambique), Armindo Mazuze (Mozambique), Lourenco Mutano (Mozambique), David Judas Zaqueio (Mozambique), Samuel Nanywe Walyawula (Uganda) and Ime Isaiah Udombang (Nigeria).

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Peter Johanning
Pentecost , Divine service