The governing board is fully quorate

An extensive area of low pressure has been dumping rain on the American capital for days. The atmosphere is quite different at the International District Apostle Meeting, which is in session. The discussions of the Church leaders are taking place in a cheerful and warm atmosphere.

Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider was able to welcome all the District Apostles and their assistants to the United States for the meeting. Despite some travel problems, everyone is here: two from Australia, ten from Africa, six from Europe, three from Asia, five from North America, and two from South America—a total of twenty-eight: sixteen District Apostles and twelve District Apostle Helpers.

The Chief Apostle also greeted a newcomer to this circle: District Apostle Helper Kububa Soko from Zambia. The Chief Apostle assigned him only three weeks ago during a divine service in Livingstone. Apostle Soko assists District Apostle Charles S. Ndandula, who looks after approximately 1.4 million New Apostolic Christians in Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe.

The joyful prospects of Christ’s return

The spiritual part, which the Chief Apostle always starts the meeting with, was dedicated to the return of Jesus Christ. “We believe that Jesus Christ will return. He promised. We believe that Jesus Christ will return soon, because the apostolate reminds us of it today.” He put strong emphasis on these two principles of faith.

The prayer of devout Christians, “Come, Lord Jesus, come!” is not to be a call of distress because we may currently be facing hard times, but it should be an expression of an inner and sincere longing to be with the Lord. Connected with this is the hope that God will help all of mankind. “There is to be joy in the church of the Lord!”

This joy is a foretaste of eternal joy. The Chief Apostle asked the District Apostles to preach about this joy more often. It is essential to keep the promise of Christ’s return alive.

New momentum not only for District Apostles

The spiritual part has become an established component of these meetings. Here the Chief Apostle addresses aspects of faith which are of fundamental importance to him or which are particularly timely. These topics usually do not remain within this circle.

Often the spiritual impulses from District Apostle Meetings are published in special editions of the Divine Service Guide, the periodical for ministers. And beyond that, anything that applies not only to the ministers but to all brothers and sisters finds its way into the doctrinal section of our Church publications. This is the member magazine community as well as its regional sisters African Joy and Unsere Familie.

Transmissions are predominantly continental

The District Apostle Meeting will be in session for two full days. On Saturday, then, there will be an exhibition to which all members from the USA district are invited. And on Sunday New Apostolic Christians from across the country will attend the Pentecost service. This year it will be transmitted to congregations across the USA and to Canada.

Worldwide transmissions normally take place every two years, as was the case in 2017 from Vienna (Austria) or 2015 from Lusaka (Zambia). Otherwise the broadcasts are continental, such as from Hamburg (2000), Leipzig (2001), Dortmund (2003), Wiesbaden (2004), Chicago (2009), Dresden (2011), and Frankfurt (2016)— mainly to Europe.

There are exceptions on special occasions. And over the past few years there have been several of these, so that the members of the Church have been spoiled: in 2012 the assignment of a Chief Apostle Helper, in 2013 the ordination of the new Chief Apostle, and in 2014 the first International Church Convention.

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