More Bible readings and meditation in divine service

Reading the Bible is essential for Christians. In future, people who attend New Apostolic services will experience even more of this. At the recent session of the District Apostle Meeting International, the District Apostles adopted three changes. More

The closing benediction: God is with us in life

Every divine service concludes with a solemn moment: the Priest pronounces the blessing of the triune God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—on the congregation to accompany them in everyday life. What an assurance! More

When Christ enters the congregation

The Holy Communion debate between the churches is centuries old. What happens, and what does not? These questions attest to just how great the mystery of Christ's presence in His church really is. How does the New Apostolic Church see this? More

Forgive us our debts – on the forgiveness of sins

Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider recently invited all District Apostles and District Apostle Helpers to Zurich (Switzerland) for a session of the International District Apostle Meeting. In the divine service that he conducted on the occasion, he addressed the importance of the forgiveness of sins several times. More

God’s word in human words

A sermon … It is far more than a discourse of a religious nature. It is the assurance of God’s nearness and His help. It is the proclamation and explanation of the will of God. A sermon encourages, edifies, comforts, and offers perspectives. More

The divine service is Trinitarian right from the start

Belief in the triune God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—is a hallmark of the Christian church, in contrast to other world religions. The divine services in Christian churches are likewise Trinitarian. The New Apostolic divine service also begins in this manner. More

Liturgy: ritual, ceremony, and much more

What is the actual sequence of a New Apostolic divine service anyway? This question comes up often, especially when guests are present in a divine service for a baptism or confirmation, for example. The liturgical order of the divine services is the same for all divine services, and applies all around the world. More

Divine service: the mystery of an encounter with God

Like many other Christians we attend divine services. It seems like something completely normal. But why do we go? And what exactly is divine service? More

Tracing the origin of the threefold amen

“Amen” is something we are all familiar with. It means as much as “so be it”. But there is a way to intensify this declaration of affirmation: the threefold amen that concludes divine services in the New Apostolic Church. Where does this come from? What does it mean? More