Professing our faith

“I take part in divine service.” Such a post on social media is also a way of professing one’s faith, even if you join online divine services from home. Thanks to IPTV, this is now possible.

Live-Streaming on Sunday, 21 May 2023

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** daswort / vierineinz

*** 4445551196 / 703315

**** lemot / ena2020

Digital library of the New Apostolic Church

The New Apostolic Church International has an extensive digital library with clips from divine services by Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider and musical events from recent years on

230521 Streaming Divine Services_EN.pdf Link
230521 Streaming Divine Services_DE.pdf Link
230521 Streaming Divine Services_FR.pdf Link
230521 Streaming Divine Services_ES.pdf Link

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Katrin Löwen
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