At home around the world

"It is the same everywhere—only completely different." That is how Chief Apostle Hans Urwyler described our common faith in the gospel in the context of the very different living conditions that prevail from country to country. This week, will also take a look around the globe.

Visiting a congregation at 1,000 metres (Myanmar, Asia)

Apostle Fred Wolf and Bishop Samuel Tansahtikno (Jakarta, Indonesia) visited the members in Myanmar. During the two-week journey the two ministers conducted many divine services and visited some 400 sisters and brothers. Seven children and two adults received the sacrament of Holy Sealing.

Myanmar is located between China, Laos, and Thailand, and borders on the Indian Ocean in the south. Only four percent of the population professes the Christian faith. Approximately 90 percent of the country's 56 million inhabitants are Buddhist. The large country is home to some 2,100 members, who are served by 50 ministers in 22 congregations.

A Priest being ordained in Asigron (Suriname / South America)

Apostle Kleene (Netherlands) ordained a new Priest last Sunday in South America. The congregation is comprised of roughly 100 members and is served by a Shepherd and two Priests.

Suriname is located in the North East of South America, directly on the Atlantic Ocean. The country has a population of approximately 570,000 citizens, half of whom profess the Christian faith. A total of 1,765 of our members there are served by 41 ministers in seven congregations.

Marriage counselling after a divine service for ministers in Dinwiddie (South East Africa)

After a brief divine service, to which District Apostle Patrick Mkhwanazi had invited ministers and their wives, psychologist Judy Alter gave a presentation in the Dinwiddie church on factors that contribute to a successful and happy marriage, and explained the warning signs that indicate when a marriage is in jeopardy. The District Apostle intends to conduct similar events throughout his entire working area.

The District Church of South East Africa is home to a total of 135,000 members, who are served by 4,350 ministers in 625 congregations.

Murdered Jews commemorated in Wallerfangen (Germany, Europe)

The church building in Wallerfangen was originally dedicated as a synagogue in 1893, but has served New Apostolic Christians as a church since 1 January 1950. In a remembrance ceremony at the end of February, the local churches, the civil parish, and the Association for Homeland Research commemorated Jewish citizens from Wallerfangen.

In front of the former Jewish place of worship on Saarstraße, New Apostolic young people read out the names and fates of nine Jews who belonged to the synagogue of Wallerfangen and who fell victim to the National Socialist dictatorship. The memory of these individuals has now been given a firm place in the community with a commemorative plaque affixed to the church building.

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