Becoming strong, staying strong

The ups and downs of life often leave one feeling terribly weak. Faith can be a real pick-me-up in such situations, and this can be trained. The upcoming Sunday service offers a kind of spiritual work-out.

Divine services allow for the worship of God and offer time and space for prayer, the proclamation of the word, and sacramental acts. Believers, however, are also aware of the confidence and hope they receive in these encounters with God. This is true for both in-person services and virtual services.

The service on Sunday has some recommendations on how this can be done in the best possible way.

  • Praying: an intensive conversation with God removes doubts and opens up new prospects.
  • Hearing: hearing the gospel and occupying ourselves with it shows us how great the love of God is.
  • Accepting: the repentant acceptance of the forgiveness of sins allows us an encounter with God.
  • Receiving: celebrating Holy Communion lends us divine strength for our everyday life.
  • Fostering fellowship: fellowship with other Christians—at church and in other ways—lets us experience the large and strong congregation.

Live streams on Sunday, 24 January 2021

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Digital library of the New Apostolic Church

The New Apostolic Church International has an extensive digital library with clips from divine services by Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider and musical events from recent years on, as well as on its English, Spanish, French, and German YouTube channels.

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Oliver Rütten
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