community is online: issue 2015/03

The new edition of community is online and ready for download. On 32 pages, the issue looks back on the 2015 Pentecost festivities, reports about divine services on four continents, and features an excerpt from the recently published Catechism in Questions and Answers.

In the editorial, Chief Apostle Schneider writes about unity. “Many of the trips I take leave a lasting and especially beautiful impression, and on the way home I often think about how exciting, interesting, and diverse our Church is! But this diversity does not always make things easy. We are at home in almost all countries of the world, speak hundreds of languages, come from the most diverse cultures, and have our own opinions.” To show how this unity can be achieved, the Chief Apostle used the example of the Trinity, of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. “They want the same. They share everything. They do not speak much about themselves but testify of the others. And together they work toward the same goal.”

Different, yet one and the same will

“Unity does not mean that we all have to become the same. It is not required that we give up our personality, our tradition, or our culture. We are all different, but we have one and the same will: we follow Jesus Christ. Dear brothers and sisters, let us stick together in good and in bad times. Let us unite ourselves in praising and worshipping God instead of criticizing each other.”

Unity is not only recognizable in our joint will, but also in the fundamentals of our faith. Why is man in need of redemption, and how do we attain salvation? Excerpts from the Catechism in Questions and Answers answer this. This issue also looks at the topic of Christian love and how this love for the neighbour is revealed in the congregation.

Bringing the world together

In its new edition, community takes a look at many parts of the world and reports about how our brothers and sisters live there. Among the internationally relevant news is this year’s Pentecost celebration in Lusaka as well as humanitarian projects, for example in Canada and in Australia

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community is the member magazine of the New Apostolic Church International. It is supplied free of charge to members of the Church worldwide. It is published once a quarter in some 40 languages. Some of these editions contain an additional regional section that features local events. The core content of the magazine can also be read in African Joy and in Unsere Familie.

The magazine is part of the media offer of the New Apostolic Church. In addition to the official website of the Church, the Church launched the online news magazine, the social networking service, and the worldwide member magazine at the beginning of the year 2015. The Church also offers various applications for mobile devices in the iTunes and Google Store.

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