ICC 2014

One faith, one feast: the 2014 ICC in review

Munich in June 2014: More than 250 events, 2,000 helpers, thousands of musicians, exhibitors, speakers, and some 50,000 visitors. The first International Church Convention of the New Apostolic Church was a celebration of faith. Impressions of the three-day event. More

Interview with Apostle Hoyer: "Profess the faith" and "The Catechism - questions and answers"

"The Christian faith is intended to be shared with others" (from the introduction to the Catechism of the New Apostolic Church). - When and what do you confess", that was the introduction to the workshop, which the Apostle Wilhelm Hoyer and Dieter Prause moderated at the ICC 2014. nacworld spoke to the Apostle Hoyer afterwards. More

The New Apostolic Church draws a positive conclusion: the ICC was a successful festival of faith!

Munich/Zurich. The first ever International Church Convention of the New Apostolic Church came to an end on Sunday evening. Blessed with beaming sunshine and, for the most part, high summer temperatures, Christians from many parts of the world celebrated their faith with great enthusiasm over the space of three days. Some 50,000 participants assembled in Munich’s Olympia Park for the International Church Convention, which took place over the Pentecost weekend from 6-8 June 2014. Organisers have concluded that the event was a great success. More

Ecumenism – not a controversial topic after all?

Munich/Zurich. Ecumenism – not a controversial topic for New Apostolic Christians after all? That was certainly the impression that emerged during an important panel discussion at the International Church Convention in Munich on the subject of the one-year anniversary of the New Apostolic Catechism. More

Pentecost 2014: “It is more blessed to give than to receive”

Munich/Zurich. A divine service from Munich transmitted around the world by satellite—millions of New Apostolic Christians on all continents witnessed the Pentecost service conducted by their Church leader, Jean-Luc Schneider. In the Olympia Stadium in the Bavarian capital alone there were 50,000 believers. In his Pentecost message, the Chief Apostle called upon the believers to become even more active in love for God and their neighbour, emphasising that “it is more blessed to give than to receive.” More

“Loving one’s neighbour as he is”

Munich/Zurich. “Let love—mutual love—prevail!” This was the appeal given by international Church leader Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider at the International Church Convention of the New Apostolic Church in Munich. Beforehand, he took the time to address some “hot topics” at a panel discussion at the fully occupied Olympia Hall. More

The starting beat to a celebration of faith

Munich/Zurich. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider officially opened the International Church Convention (ICC) in Munich as a celebration of joyful fellowship with a prayer that all might experience the presence of God. Tens of thousands of visitors in the Olympia Stadium witnessed the starting beat to this large premiere for the New Apostolic Church. More

Video from Pentecost 2014 in Munich, Germany

Munich/Zurich. A world wide via satellite transmitted Service from Munich – millions of New Apostolic members on all continents experienced the Divine Service of Pentecoast with their Church leader, chief apostle Jean-Luc Schneider. Alone in the Olympia stadium within the capitel of the German county Bavaria there were some 50'000 gathering. The chief apostle addressed his brothers and sisters with the thought to become stronger in the love for God and for the neighbour: It is more blessed to give than to receive. More

International Church Convention: Global transmission of the Pentecost service

Zurich. The divine service which Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will conduct on Pentecost Sunday on the occasion of the International Church Convention of the New Apostolic Church will be transmitted to over 100 countries on all continents with the help of satellites, fibre optic cables, and radio broadcasters. His sermon will first be interpreted into English at the altar phrase by phrase, and then interpreted simultaneously into over 20 other languages. More

The easiest ICC Guide

The ICC App for Android is now available in the Google Play Store and for iOS in the Apple's App Store as a free download. More