Pentecost 2016 in Frankfurt (Germany)

Whereas the countdown for this year’s Pentecost celebration in Zambia is on, preparations in Germany are only just beginning. The New Apostolic Church in Frankfurt will host the Pentecost feast in 2016. A location with a history …

“I have some good news for you today. Our Chief Apostle is planning to conduct next year’s Pentecost service (Sunday, 15 May 2016) in my working area,” District Apostle Bernd Koberstein wrote in a circular. “May the anticipation of this day produce valuable thoughts in you so that as many as possible can be included in the preparations,” it says in a letter that is currently making its rounds in the congregations in Frankfurt and Offenbach in Germany.

A reunion with memories

We are still in an early planning stage, the District Apostle said, when asked by What is definite is that the divine service will be preceded by an International Apostles’ Meeting as well as a concert. All Apostles and District Apostles worldwide will be invited. Which countries will receive a transmission of the Pentecost service is still open.

The divine service will be held at the Convention Centre in the city of Frankfurt. The District Apostle would like all brothers and sisters from Frankfurt and Offenbach to be able to participate in this divine service. He has special memories of the Convention Centre. Well over six years ago, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber placed District Apostle Hagen Wend into retirement during a service in this hall and ordained Bernd Koberstein as District Apostle.

Special moments with two Chief Apostles

The last visit of a Chief Apostle to Frankfurt was in 1993; it was Chief Apostle Richard Fehr. It was the second time during his time in office that nearly all Apostles of the world came together for a conference. And it was one of the first central services that were broadcast worldwide. Some 280,000 brothers and sisters in 1,200 congregations in 33 countries received a satellite transmission.

Many members in Frankfurt are still talking about the visit of Chief Apostle Hans Urwyler on Pentecost 1987. It was the last special occasion of this kind before he fell ill and handed the reins of the Church over to his successor, Richard Fehr. After a moving concert on the day before the Pentecost service, Chief Apostle Urwyler quoted his insistent little grandson with the words, “Dabiebe!” which is Swiss-German and means something like, “Stay here!” The little boy had spent the day with his grandfather and did not want to go home.

A location with a history

Frankfurt is a city steeped in history. From 1930 to 1960, Chief Apostle Johann Gottfried Bischoff led the New Apostolic Church from Frankfurt. Only the city of Zurich in Switzerland manages to outdo Frankfurt in this respect. The official seat of the Chief Apostle has been in Zurich since 1975, and the head office of the New Apostolic Church International has been there since 1977.

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