Spotlight 11: Spreading our “Joy in Christ”

Is our 2015 motto just a marketing slogan or is there more to it? This is a question posed by District Apostle Urs Hebeisen (South-East Asia), and he answers it in the same breath …

“Joy in Christ” – a slogan only? Or is there more to it? The 2015 motto was also announced in our Makati congregation in Manila in the Philippines on New Year’s Day.

So that everyone would remember it, the ministers distributed buttons for the brothers and sisters to pin to their blouses or shirts. Such buttons have become a tradition in the NACSEAsia (New Apostolic Church South-East Asia) and are proudly worn especially on such days as the Day of the Youth.

A friend and visitor of our services said after the service that this was marketing. Sure, you could see it that way. And it is marketing, but for the message of Christ and its proclamation, and the spreading of joy. This is what we want to commit ourselves to in the year 2015:

  • Joy in Christ through divine service . “And he went on his way rejoicing,” it says about the treasurer of the Queen of Candace after Philip had explained the scriptures to him and baptized him.
  • Joy in fellowship: the lost sheep, the lost coin that was found, or even the prodigal son who returned. In the Bible, we often read about the joy of finding something that had been lost or of people coming together again after having been apart. Well, then, “Seek and you shall find.” This is one way we can rejoice together.

Jesus prayed, “… that they may have My joy fulfilled in themselves” (John 17: 13).

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Urs Hebeisen