Thought-provoking posters for the new year

They have become a kind of an emblem in many congregations in Europe: the poster series picturing members of the Church like you and me. The new series for 2017 has just been released in its tried and tested design and aims to drive a new message home.

“We want to continue with the design used so far,” the Working Group Public Relations says. What they are talking about is the new poster series for 2017. The European District Apostles just recently approved the concept.

A church building in the background, a sister or brother in the foreground, and an authentic I-statement. The New Apostolic Church has been working with this idea for two years now. The advantages are clear. There is a high recognition factor and the production costs are reduced thanks to a design that lends itself well to being used repeatedly. The response to this year’s series was so positive that the responsible working group has decided to stick with this basic concept.

I thank God

In the coming year, the series begins with an I-statement: I thank God. This is followed by a short statement. The January poster, for example, states: I thank God for the year 2017 and the prospect of the next 8,760 hours He will grant me.

The idea is to support the Chief Apostle’s New Year’s message that he issues every year on the first of January. The posters aim to address and reach passers-by and drive home a message. The message is to be positive, unexpected, timely, and fit into the religious context. Every year, by commission of the Church leadership, the Working Group Public Relations issues a new poster series.

The posters are used mainly in Germany, and are displayed in showcases that are positioned outside our church buildings. Other countries in Europe are beginning to use them as well so that the posters are currently being translated into a number of European languages. The posters from the last three years are available for download on the official Church website.

Personal confessions of faith

The short personal testimonials have become the identifying feature of the series. Already in the past two years, Church members posed for the camera who have a clear idea about their faith and are committed to it, and say what they personally appreciate about the New Apostolic Church. The people portrayed come from the District Church Northern and Eastern Germany and represent all age groups.

Starting in January, the new posters will be displayed in some 2,000 showcases outside of New Apostolic churches right across Europe. They are currently being printed and will then be sent to the various congregations. In addition to this, at the beginning of every month, the official website of the Church will feature the poster for the respective month plus a short explanation.

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Peter Johanning
Media, Congregational life