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Three things are important to Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider when it comes to the divine creation: the Church leader explains exactly what these are in the Foreword to the latest "community".

The member magazine is published once each quarter. The 32-page booklet appears in several dozen languages — online, as a PDF file, and in many countries, also in print. Its readers include members from all around the world, both young and old.

The highlights of the new edition include a look back to the divine service in Perth, Australia, the travels of the Chief Apostle on three different continents, as well as some current doctrinal statements on the subject of the forgiveness of sins. Beyond that, there are news articles from around the world, a Bible story for young Christians, and—right on the third page of the magazine—there is a letter from Chief Apostle Schneider to his brethren in faith.

In the Editorial, the Church leader addresses his thoughts to the believers directly. In the current edition he talks about one particular aspect of this year's motto and explains it.

Recognising the visible world

"Recognising the glory of God in all its magnitude is a very demanding task," explains the Church leader, and goes on to wish each reader "wonderful insights into divine dimensions". God has created the visible world, states Chief Apostle Schneider. "Let us recognise God as the Creator and not allow any doubts to arise with regard to His authorship."

Recognising the invisible world

It is important to recognise that, in addition to the visible world, there is also an invisible world. "This world also includes the living human soul. God has established a way for human beings to come back to fellowship with Him," states the lead clergyman.

Preserving the divine creation

It is and remains His creation. And He sees to the continuity of all things in His creation. He has entrusted the visible creation to us human beings, telling us to 'subdue it' (Genesis 1: 28) in a responsible manner. We are to treat His creation with care, and deal responsibly with the resources it offers."

Issue 2017/02 is already available for download in several languages. Further languages will follow in the days ahead. Previous issues are permanently stored in the community archive.

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