At home around the world: youth at work on the IYC 2019

The ambassadors are on their way. And the base is on the move: a spotlight on all the preparations for the International Youth Convention (IYC) 2019 around the globe. Some examples from Africa, Asia, and Europe.

“The big five rücken den Internationalen Jugendkongress 2019 ins Blickfeld“ – place the International Youth Convention 2019 in focus” — it is with these words that the website of the New Apostolic Church of Southern Africa titles its report on a preparatory meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was there that delegates from the five independent African District Churches—the Democratic Republic of Congo West and Southeast, Zambia/Zimbabwe/Malawi, East Africa, and naturally, the host, Southern Africa—gathered to discuss plans for the big event.

The main topic of discussion was African participation in the IYC. The meeting with Project Manager Priest Hendrik Herrmann dealt with all aspects of the big event, from the Africa display booths to the registration, travel, and accommodation of the participants to the deliverables for each of the respective areas.

As many young people as possible such is the wish of the New Apostolic Church India for the International Youth Convention. In order to plan properly, organisers are currently measuring the general level of interest. However, the participants must each contribute three things: a passport that is valid until at least 2020, 150,000 rupees (which converts to nearly 2,200 dollars or 1,900 euros), as well as around ten days of time.

“Here I am” is the motto of the IYC. And a foretaste of “here” is already happeningnow at the regional youth weekends underway lately in Southern Germany. There, IYC ambassador Simon Züfle is providing the youth with an overview of the grand event scheduled for the coming year. In the process he always manages to spread his enthusiasm and anticipation for the weekend to his listeners. On more than one occasion, the young people assembled for a mass photo to put the “here” into pictures already today.

A weekend camp was organised by the young people from the district of Lyon-Mulhouse and Strasbourg (France) in order to prepare for the International Youth Convention. They divided themselves into separate groups and worked on the integration and supervision of the confirmands at the event, pastoral care, as well as the composition of the display booth of the District Church of France.

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