The world gathers at the IYC 2019

Whether via video stream or live in Germany, young people and District Churches from all over the world will be gathering at the International Youth Convention (IYC). Here is a glance at the schedule of events and the hall plan.

A virtual trip across the world will be offered by the IYC organisers on Saturday, 1 June, starting at 7.30 p.m. in the Arena. The motto of the evening show is #HereThereEverywhere. New Apostolic youth from Africa Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe will be introducing themselves and their countries in video clips.

Hall No. 6, the Meeting Hall, with its exhibitions and stages will be open on a daily basis from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. This is where visitors will find District Apostle Areas and other Church groups. Here visitors will also find some chill-out areas, as well as stages for spontaneous musical performances.

Going sporty

The Netherlands will be offering a place of encounter and dialogue at their so-called Holland House. Visitors will have a chance to meet young people from Suriname, the Dutch Antilles, and Malta—countries that are served by the New Apostolic Church in the Netherlands.

The Canadians are going sporty. Hockey and lacrosse are popular sports in Canada, both of which visitors can try out at the Canadian pavilion. And anyone wishing to taste Canada can do so too with a typical Tim Horton’s coffee or maple syrup. Camping and fishing are two of the most popular recreational activities in Canada—and can be tested. And anyone wanting to know what the legendary Canadian winter is all about, come on in.

The French pavilion was inspired by a typical guinguette, a Paris-style bistro. Anyone up for a little competition, can give boule a try, or simply enjoy the bar.

District Apostle Krause’s region can be explored by taking a walk through the woods. A raised hide will give visitors an overview of the hall. They will also be able to enjoy waffles and cocktails, and there will be a photo point for anyone who has ever wanted to slip into the skin of a Scotsman, the Queen’s Guard, or an Inuit.

Art and culture from Africa to Asia

The Swiss and the Austrians have come up with a Viennese-style café and a typical mountain cabin for their pavilion. Southern Germany will lure visitors with pretzels, a Swabian specialty. There will also be a quiz and soccer tables. Just how large the region is that the District Apostle Area looks after can be seen on Skype: visitors will be able to meet young people from Accra, Lagos, Abidjan, and Libreville in West Africa.

Young people from South-East Asia and the Western Pacific region can be contacted via live stream on the Internet. There will also be traditional games and music at the pavilion.

The District Apostle Area Western Germany (District Apostle Storck) will present itself with African art, a flight simulator, and a pavilion of the Portuguese-speaking countries.

“From Berlin via Moscow to Mongolia” is the motto of the district of District Apostle Nadolny. The Brandenburg Gate (Berlin’s most famous landmark), a Russian banya, and the Silk Road can be explored. In addition to this there will be information and events on the various cultures which make up the District Apostle Area.

Africa’s ‘Big Five’

The Americas, namely South America, Central America, and the USA will be sharing a pavilion. Visitors will learn about New Apostolic congregations in these countries and can send messages to young people there. There will also be small group discussions about our faith, for which anyone can register. These will be offered in Spanish, English, or German.

The joint pavilion of the African countries will be nothing short of a sensation. “Africa, the most interesting and diverse continent on earth,” is how the African churches are presenting themselves. On entering, visitors will discover that this is not an exaggeration. Together, the District Apostle Areas East Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo South-East and West, Southern Africa, and Zambia represent the largest number of New Apostolic Christians. There will be information on the countries, the people, their culture, and Africa’s stunning nature. There will also be a stage on which traditional African music will be performed, based loosely on the motto: “Come to Africa and experience the ‘Big Five’!”

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Annette Conrad, Andreas Rother
International Youth Convention 2019 (IYC), Social commitment