“God is the best songwriter”

Sometimes you can’t get them out of your head. Some songs are like that, they have that special zing; almost everyone knows them and almost everyone can hum the melody. Wouldn’t it be great if the IYC 2019 song also became such a catchy tune.

In any case, the song’s composer, Julia Meier, has given her best—with help from on high. The 31-year-old jazz musician says, “God is simply the best songwriter.” Maybe that is why she immediately had a melody in her head, when she was asked two years ago if she would compose the song for the IYC 2019. “We had a wonderful Pentecost service with our Chief Apostle in Vienna (Austria) at the time. It was a milestone for our youth choir,” Julia recalls. Apparently not just for the youth. The service had hardly ended when she was asked if she wanted to be involved with the IYC.

Many different styles

Julia has been working hard on the song ever since. “There were several fixed guidelines which I had to adhere to.” The song had to contain many musical styles, because the youth would be coming to the Youth Convention from many different countries and cultures.

However, Julia finally decided that the song would have just one consistent style: “Musically, it didn’t make much sense to put all the styles of the different cultures into one song. When we sing the song together, we are already together and united—both as the youth and as children of God; a harmony which can’t be replaced by anything else,” said Julia.

Great responsibility

The composition of the song was nevertheless a big challenge for the young musician. “It’s a great responsibility to write a song for so many young people. It has to be modern, and on the other hand send a fitting message and include everyone.” She hopes that the participants at the Youth Convention are moved by the song and that its message stays with them, not only during the weekend in Düsseldorf, but later on throughout their lives. God and Jesus are with you, no matter what lies ahead.

The song has three verses and a refrain. It is written in English, because that is the language which the majority of the youth understand. The song reflects the motto of the Youth Convention “Here I am”, just as many other of the IYC programme events do. “Here I am and you’re divine, let your heart and soul shine.”

Live DJs

A special version of the song will be presented at the opening of the Youth Convention on Friday. Musicians from South Africa have expanded Julia Maier’s composition; there will be a dance performance and live DJs. The soloist on that day will be the singer Mbaita Muyenga, who comes from Zambia and who will perform the song at various events during the IYC. It will also be heard in many different versions during the event. On Sunday, for instance, it will be sung by Mareike Gerdes.

And after the Youth Convention? The IYC song can continue to be a companion to all New Apostolic Christians. It is scored for an orchestra, it can be sung by soloists, or with a piano and choir. It can also be sung after the IYC by the congregations and so continue to keep the spirit of this great event alive.

That would be a wonderful continuation for Julia Maier: “Music is an important part of many peoples’ lives. I would be very happy if the IYC song were to become a companion for many—not just because of its message, but also as a reminder of this, hopefully, great time together.”

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