community 1/2020: New Year, new motto

With its latest edition, the Church magazine “community” begins its sixth year of publication. The top subjects this time around include “What truly makes free” — “What God really wants” — and “When Christ will return”.

“Christ makes free” — that is the motto for the year 2020. In his editorial in the latest issue of “community”, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider explains what this could mean for people. And there is one thing that is especially important to him in this context.

“God does what He wants,” says the Church leader. And what does God want? He wants to help all human beings. And He wants to have helpers at His side. Two things are needed in order to be delivered and to help deliver others. The Chief Apostle recently spoke about this in a divine service in Brampton, Canada. The complete sermon can be found in the new edition of “community”.

(Almost) everything about the return of Christ

When exactly will Christ return? That is pretty much the only question that this article about the doctrine of the New Apostolic Church does not answer. Otherwise, there are all sorts of answers about the return of Christ—from its biblical foundations to the its associations with human history. And there are also some surprises along the way.

Other elements on offer in issue 1/2020: “God blesses those who trust in Him”, “God’s word in all its power and beauty”, and “Seven good reasons for the Apostle ministry” — divine services with the Chief Apostle in Africa, Asia, and America; “Concerning the labourers in the vineyard” and “At Valentin’s in Paris”, especially for children, not to mention reports from congregational life around the world, including one about a combative young woman from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

About “community”

“Community” is the member magazine of the New Apostolic Church International. It is first drafted centrally in English, Spanish, and French. Translations into around three dozen other languages are independently coordinated by the District Apostle districts.

The quarterly magazine is comprised of 32 pages and is primarily intended for use in those regions of the world that cannot easily access the news portal. After all, the majority of our members live in Africa, which means that only around 20 percent have regular access to the internet. A twelve-page abridged version in black and white is published in those countries where printing and distribution of the complete four-colour version is not possible.

The name “community” implies a threefold programme: “comm” represents the intention to communicate important information to as many members in the world as possible. “Unity” describes the effort to promote the unity of the international Church in this way. And “community” is intended to help our global Church community to continue growing together despite all cultural and social differences.

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